10 thoughts on “Nutty Monster on Campus: Act III, p. 26

  1. Don’t look now, but it looks like SCOTUS wants to limit your choices.

  2. No consequences whatsoever from killing at least four people? Not even losing his tenure?

  3. A slap on the wrist, and he’ll never turn again?

    I just hope someone’s busy inventing a portable atonal generator to strap onto Fnirp’s ears!

  4. Questions: Why did the monster eat human women? Was is fuel for the transformation, a psychosexual fetish, or something else? What’s to stop Fnirp from transforming again? What was the cause of the transformations? The implication is that there was an exchange of molecules when the pipe was placed on the machine during reintegration. Polly Mae obviously received Fnirp’s intelligence, but what caused him to turn into a woman-eating beast with no head and a pair of eyestalks where one should be? We simply must have at least some answers! Not all subtext is abundantly clear.

    • I’m more surprised that Polly Mae was only affected by the few Fnirp cells that were trapped in congealed saliva on the pipe. I mean, the pipe is wooden and was full of tobacco, so it must’ve contained millions of plant cells – why isn’t she photosynthesizing?

      • Who says she isn’t? She’s mostly been indoors and wearing clothes with a lot of coverage. Put her on the beach for a few minutes and see what happens.

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