Demanding Alien Pussy-Face

Bizarre Sex 10 cover

This rather spectacular and psychedelic artwork is the cover of the first printing of Bizarre Sex #10 from Kitchen Sink Comics, by artist William Stout. The issue appeared in December of 1982. (There have been numerous printings but the second and subsequent printings are said to have had higher cover prices.) Per the inside cover of the comic (below), Stout was credited at the time as “Bil Stout”, while his own artist-drawn copyright notice on the artwork (above) is in the name of “Wm Stout”.

inside front page of Bizarre Sex 10

Bizarre Sex seems to have reveled in the “underground comix” aesthetic with an even stronger-than-usual focus on, obviously, the sex. As a sex blogger who was never really a comics fan, I am often frustrated by how sexually unadventurous the supposedly transgressive underground comics world often was. This seems not to be a problem with Bizarre Sex! Only one number (#4) is available in the Internet Archive, but it should help to give some of the flavor of the publication:

Bizarre Sex #4

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