Tumblr favorite #2251: Ladies World Domination Society


My original tumblr post was here. This illustration, Retropolis Ladies’ World Domination Society by Bradley W. Schenck was first posted on tumblr by supervillainseekingminions who added the comment “The wickedly wondrous works of Bradley W. Schenck! You will find so much more of his magnificent maniacal imaginings on his Deviant Art page! I do recommend you visit it…Bradley W. Schenck, you may continue!” It comes to us via cr333333p.

Tumblr favorite #1757: Introduction to the Sorceress of Zoom


Original post here. Original poster superdames provided context:

The Sorceress of Zoom was awesome, and her stories were awesomely weird. She’s the ruler of the floating cloud city of Zoom, which is populated by her loyal subjects — the monster-zombies of humans she kills! She basically flies around Earth and terrorizes other cities and kingdoms in search of power and slaves.

What’s so weird is that the Sorceress is the main character in all these stories, but she’s clearly a murderous, tyrannical supervillain. So everywhere she goes, a different kind of heroic figure generally rises to ward her off — or she runs into a worse threat than herself, and ends up seemingly “saving” people from her rival.

It’s a pretty great template for a villain-led book. Plus, her headgear was fabulous, and in later stories it became her actual hair.

Sorceress of Zoom stories were signed by “Sandra Swift,” which is almost certainly a pseudonym used by different writer/artists. Don Rico is credited with creating her.

Weird Comics #2 (1940)

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Tumblr favorite #1690: Distaff Herbert West

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Dark Discoveries, Issue #25: Femme Fatale, edited by James R. Beach. JournalStone Publishing, Autumn: October 31st . 2013. Info: darkdiscoveries.com.

“All new Fiction by: Rhodi Hawk, Nancy Holder, Nancy Kilpatrick, Chris Marrs, Elizabeth Massie and Yvonne Navarro. Brand new Interviews with: Asia Argento, Elvira Mistress of the Dark, Charlaine Harris, Leah Jung and Lynn Lowry. Articles on: The Giallo Girls and Hammer’s Karnstein Trilogy; Columns by: Yvonne Navarro, Richard Dansky, Robert Morrish, Jonathan Maberry and others; Richard Matheson Tributes, Reviews and more!”

F i c t i o n
Ecto, Endo, Meso by Nancy Kilpatrick
Tintype by Elizabeth Massie
Dead Little Pieces by Yvonne Navarro
Twisted Sister by Chris Marrs
The Fifty-Year King by Rhodi Hawk
Coma Chameleon by Nancy Holder

I n t e r v i e w s
Cassandra Peterson on Elvira, Movies and Music by Steve Holetz
Lynn Lowry: Grindhouse Goddess by James R. Beach
Charlaine Harris: True Blood of Life by Joel B. Kirkpatrick
Asia Argento: Total Entropy by Derek Botelho
Leah Jung: An Industry and a Canvas by Joel B. Kirkpatrick

F e a t u r e s
The Giallo Girls by Derek Botelho
Befanged, Bosomed, and Besotted by Jim Smiley
Richard Matheson tributes
Double X Chromosome by Yvonne Navarro
“What the Hell Happened to…” by Robert Morrish
A Darkened Screen… by Richard Dansky
YA Horror by Amy Shane
Things That Bite by By Jonathan Maberry and David F. Kramer
On Zombies and Robots by Michael R. Collings

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