Welcome to all and sundry.   I am your host; kindly call me Dr. Faustus.

Do cheesy science fiction movies do something for you?   Would you go (or have you ever gone) to see a midnight performance of Invasion of the Bee Girls? Have you ever shared the monster’s point of view in Creature from the Black Lagoon?  Did you find it at least mildly titillating Virginia Bruce was (theoretically) running around without any clothes on in the 1940 film The Invisible Woman?  Have you ever thought perhaps that H.P. Lovecraft might even cooler if he weren’t so damn sex-negative?  Do you infer a line of artistic influence from Katsushika Hokusai to Toshio Maeda?  Do you think it would be sexier to be Victor Frankenstein than Elvis?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then perhaps this site is for you.

This is the formal opening post at EroticMadScience.com, a site which I am intially opening as an experiment in the self-publication of some of my own fiction and my musings on a peculiar topic, to wit the topos of  “mad science” or the “Mad Scientist”

as a source of kink.

If you want a detailed account of what this is and why I am doing it, I invite you to look at The Thaumatophile Manifesto, which I lay all this out in detail.  And if you just want to jump in and see the kink in action, take a look at The Apsinthion Protocol, which is the first of seven long stories in my “Gnosis College” mad science series.  It is written as a screenplay, because that’s the way things play out in my head.

More things will be coming here in the future:  I’ll try to explain the various literary (?) antecedents of my fiction as well as provide people who find the erotic mad science thing appealing suggestions for future reading and viewing.  In the future, I hope to offer a forum for people interested in what is going on here.

I feel great excitement at starting this site.  As I was planning it, an aphorism of Nietzsche‘s from Beyond Good and Evil came to mind.


Die grossen Epochen unsres Lebens liegen dort, wo wir den Muthgewinnen, unser Böses als unser Bestes umzutaufen.

Jenseits von Gut und Böse, #116

The great epochs in our lives come when we find the courage to rebaptize our our evil (this being Nietzsche, perhaps that should be implicitly read as our “evil”)  as what is best in us.  I guess today is just one of those days.

Comments on this an other posts will be welcome, subject of course to moderation (see the Manifesto for more detail on what might or might not be appropriate here).

So perhaps I shouldn’t say just welcome to all and sundry.  Instead, welcome friends.