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Index of past volumes of the Tales of Gnosis College collected in various formats at the Internet Archive.

Here are the collected tales of Gnosis College, beginning with The Apsinthion Protocol. The current issue appears on this page, with posts of new pages as they appear on the EroticMadScience.com front page. Back issues appear in a thumbnail index at the bottom of the page.

Current Issue: Volume 13, Chapter 7

Fruiting Bodies, Chapter 7

Note: Fruiting Bodies is written by Vinnie Tesla.


Teledildonics plus sentient fungals can make for some awkward situations at parties.


A shocking realization by Professor Starflower


Professor Starflower investigates.


When things start to look really fucked up, call in Hiram at U-Division


It's always tricky to figure out how to dress for certain kinds of party.

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77 thoughts on “Tales of Gnosis College Comix

  1. Keep up the good work on Tales of Gnosis College I have a suggestion for future issues how about making use of virtual reality.

  2. How about having the co-eds of Gnosis College be abducted and impregnated by aliens then later be abducted again and the hybird offspring are removed.

    • it would seem that the Waywards are already the subjects of a sort of mad science experiment. I hope it’s not giving too much away to suggest that some of them might re-appear in Volume Eight as the subject of further mad science interventions.

  3. Why not conduct fertility experiments using the waywards as subjects.

    • I liked her too. But you can’t have convincing villains in a story unless they do villainous things.

  4. Why not make efforts to reform the waywards.Wrongdoers can be helped to see the error of their ways.

    • Unhappily for them, the Waywards have fallen into the control of people who do not have the sorts of humane values that motivate people to attempt programs of reform.

      • On Superman’s native planet Krypton before it blew up criminals were reformed in space then the Phantom Zone was discovered where criminals were sent seeing and hearing everything without being seen and heard themselves.The Kryptonians were opposed to Capital Punishment and never used it.

  5. Exactly what is the nature of the experiments that are being conducted on the waywards?

  6. What if the waywards were to die in childbirth having rented out their wombs to childless couples.

    • It might make good antinatalist propaganda, but the principals behind the Waywards’ suffering have other plans, which will be rolling out over the next few volumes.

      • Too bad that efforts won’t be made to reform the waywards.They could have become decent citizens.

  7. How about having waywards that are international having come from countries all over the globe.

  8. What if the waywards were murdered by the lawnmower man Jobe Smith.

    • What plot does that fit into? I’m not interested in brining harm to the Waywards or any other characters only for its own sake.

  9. I’m curious to see what kinds of experiments that the waywards will be subjected to in future volumes.

  10. How about having flashbacks of the waywards lives before they arrived at the waywards home.

  11. I would enjoy seeing some males being sexually exploited. Since you are pushing boundaries already why not explore gender roles reversals?

  12. Tales of Gnosis College is getting better and better keep up the good work.

  13. In the 1976 science fiction movie Embryo a woman named Victoria ages rapidly how about having the same thing happen to the waywards.

  14. How about having the waywards age backwards which is what happened to Benjamin Button in the curious case of Benjamin Button.

  15. Does Maureen now have the ability to disappear and reappear at will ? On page 7, she’s being directed to the examination room, and on page 10, she is the invisible heroine. What happened in between ?

    • It’s an inference what happened in between, but the “examination” she undergoes on Page Seven is a voluntary appearance during the day at the Gnosis College Student Health Center. The sequence of events which starts on Page Ten takes place that night at the State Home for Wayward Girls, which means gives Maureen several hours to arrange for the use of her invisibility technology.

      There’s some other stuff that happens to Maureen in between pp. 7 and 10, but to give that away just now would be a spoiler.

  16. How about putting the Super-Hordians from Strikeforce Morituri in Tales of Gnosis College.

    • I suspect the rights-holders at Marvel (now owned by Disney) would be more than a little put out by that.

  17. What if the DNA of the Waywards and the Gnosis College co-eds was to fall apart resulting in death brought about by rapid aging which is what happened to Victoria played by Barbara Carrera in the 1976 science fiction movie Embryo starring the late Rock Hudson.

  18. That was a clever plan. And Maureen is still around!


  19. I hope that all the Tales of Gnosis College readers are keeping Christ in Christmas. How about having a gender bender story arc in which people change gender for a brief time and in the process gain a better understanding of the opposite sex.

    • What, not the X in X-mas? Oh, well.

      The gender-bender story arc is scheduled for Volume Eight (also, a species-bender to different characters for good measure). Whether it will result in more understanding is unclear.

  20. In a Bollywood movie entitled Mr Ya Miss a skirt-chaser comes to understand the fair sex by being a woman for a brief time.

  21. So she cloned herself so that when she died there would be another one of herself… Is that it?
    And they have found the lab where Moira and that other girl disappeared and are trying to find them
    So is it Maureen that died or the guy she asked, also what’s with Jill and that other girl that saw the killing and cloning thing?
    Help please!

    • It’s…a little bit complicated. The story is structured around a series of mysteries having to do with the metaphysics of personal identity.

      The version of Maureen seen on Ch. 5, P. 22 isn’t a clone, exactly, at least not as I would prefer to use the term. She’s a duplicate, possessing not just Maureen’s genetic makeup but all of the memories and personality Maureen would have had up to the point where Maureen was scanned, an event which presumably took place at some point after Ch. 5, P. 7 of Invisible Girl, Heroine. What happened to the “original” Maureen is undetermined. As will become apparent in a few pages, this “duplicate” of Maureen has her own view about her ontological status, one with which the reader may choose to agree or not, depending on the reader’s own philosophical point of view.

      A curious consequence of the duplication process is that at this point in the narrative there are now two version of Jill Keeney running, the original, who is unaware that there is anything unusual about her status, and her “duplicate,” who has been psychologically suborned and sent off on some sort of mission. A conflict of views is being set up here.

      The laboratory from which Moira Weir and Nanetta Rector disappeared (in the concluding chapter of Apsinthion Protocol) was destroyed in a fire touched off when it was raided by the FBI under the command of SAIC Macneil. (He has re-appeared here as an investigating officer at the scene of destruction of a part of the State Home for Wayward Girls as a separate part of his duties.) Li Anwei believes that Moira and Nanetta still exist and has set off on a curious quest of her own to attempt to prove this; as yet, it is unclear whether she will succeed.

      I don’t know whether that makes things any clearer, but it’s the state of the narrative so far.

  22. How about having a science experiment the Waywards are subjected to go wrong it turns them into monsters and they have to be put down like Old Yeller.

  23. The Morituri monsters came into existence because the process was used improperly and it deformed them.At their own request they were put down like Old Yeller.

  24. In Strikeforce Morituri Electric Undertow a alien race known as the VXX199 caused people worldwide to burst into flames in order to feed off a pyschic energy released Lifter Burn Scanner and Revenge put a end to this with the help with a A.I. named Will.

  25. I feel pity for Eve she seems to have lost a great deal she must have a very tragic backstory.

  26. Strikeforce Morituri Electric Undertow had cloned Morituri which were brainwashed and controlled by the VXX199.

  27. How about having the waywards take pity on people who suffer from the same disorder the elephant man had.

  28. The general is planning the extinction of the human race. Not that he understands that, he is taking away the major reason that men notice women. The battle of the sexes will quickly become a real battle.


  29. What if the first evil’s bringers and ubervamps were to come to town and murder Gnosis college’s co-eds and the waywards.

  30. Is someone there a fan of Futurama as I noticed Bender on page 11 in Vol 5 No. 2.

    • Certainly I am a fan of Futurama, although I think the inclusion of Bender was an improvisation on Lon’s part.

  31. Slayers are always female what if the Gnosis College co-eds and Waywards were slayers.

  32. Some one suggested aliens some comments ago. How about an adventure where some of the people sent away by the orgasm transporter actually meet up with aliens on some far off planet. Depending on who it was the aliens could be friendly or hostile but in either case they would be horny. You could also have the aliens come to earth because of the contact with the “travelers”.

  33. I actually agree.I think that would prove once and for all that we’re not alone in the universe.

  34. Human alien hybrids would be the logical out come of such unions, for what ever the reason, experimentation, invasion or just for the pure pleasure of it.

  35. Well done! *applause* Bravo! Some of your best artwork yet. The dream sequence was outstanding!

    • Lon’s artwork, actually. But thanks; I’ll be sure to let him know.

  36. oh WOW i hope theres more to CUM *giggles* pun in tended of course 😉

  37. While I am glad that you are finally covering the “where am I?” story, I am disappointed on how the last chapter ended. I was thinking about it today and remembered Volume 3 Number 5 where Kitty had her boobs enlarged beyond practical, by Aloysius machine, and Tricia got dissolved by the formula, and Aloysius reconstituted Tricia in Kitty’s womb, gave birth to her then feed Tricia to full size from her massive breasts. My question is why could Aloysius not do the same with one of the two females that he needed to reconstitute. He had enough matrix to do one, then he could have used the other to reconstitute the other. He could have worried about enlarging the mothers breasts later after they were both reconstituted.

    • Intriguing proposal — though as you might note Aloysius has been under a bit of stress lately and that sometimes means making worse-than-optimal decisions. (From his perspective that is. From mine, it is an opportunity to play with one of my favorite idiosyncrasies, that of personal identity porn.)

  38. Is there a problem with the site?

    The main page shows page #6 has been uploaded, but “current comic” and “most recent page” both show only the cover.

    • There’s no problem to the site as such, but I am traveling and have only a limited ability to do updates other than the ones that run on the main page. Updates should resume o this page in a few days; please bear with me.

  39. Quite an imagination you have there. Interesting and thought provoking read, also the explicit chapters are very exciting.
    More interspecies (many different species :>) tactile contact for the good of science, and knowledge of the future generations.

    Keep on enjoying creating this project,

  40. I was wondering if some thing went wrong when Cleo was initiated in the jungle, or that some thing from that environment is missing at Gnosis College?

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