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Index of past volumes of the Tales of Gnosis College collected in various formats at the Internet Archive.

Here are the collected tales of Gnosis College, beginning with The Apsinthion Protocol. The current issue appears on this page, with posts of new pages as they appear on the EroticMadScience.com front page. Back issues appear in a thumbnail index at the bottom of the page.

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Current Issue (Volume 8, Number 2)


Taylor Chase strides proudly across the Gnosis College campus, while Marie Martin eyes him from a distance.

Page One

Taylor Chase wins scholarship!

Page Two

Gnosis Transformations:  Chapter Two, Page Two

Page Three

Taylor Chase meets ledehosen-wearing professor.

Page Four

Taylor scores points off a believer.

Page Five

Philosophy talk impresses hot women.

Page Six

Taylor and Marie do coffee and conversation.

Page Seven

Having done coffee, Taylor and Marie do each other.

Page Eight

Marie lays down some understanding.

Page Nine

Marie tells stories of adventurous sex.

Page Ten

Marie does a naughty dance for some bondage friends.

Page Eleven

Taylor does well when he's happy.

Page Twelve

Taylor Chase in bondage.

Page Thirteen

Marie does some cosplay with a mock hanging.

Page Fourteen

College hotties can't throw Taylor off the trail.

Page Fifteen

Being a drug cop means you get to roust naked college students, among other things.

Page Sixteen

Friends don't let friends get abducted in giant trappy ball thingies.

Page Seventeen

Guys who sneak into women's locker rooms should expect ill-treatment.

Page Eighteen

Taylor gets his ass kicked by Jill Keeney

Page Nineteen

An invitation to Hume Hall.  We all know what that means...

Page Twenty

We know who that creepy little Asian girl is...

Page Twenty-One

Of into scary dreamland for Taylor.

Page Twenty-Two

A spooky graveyard for Taylor to enter.

Page Twenty-Three

Bad enough that there are ghosts, but there are also animated plants.

Page Twenty-Four

That evil vine has evil ideas.

Page Twenty-Five

Beware what lurks in your dreams.

Page Twenty-Six

Dragged into a premature grave.

Page Twenty-Seven

Say goodbye to the world.

Page Twenty-Eight

Waking from a nightmare to a nightmarish reality.

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  77 Responses to “Tales of Gnosis College Comix”

  1. I’m guessing the events of Vol VI Ch 5 take place at least a few hours after Vol VI Ch 4.

    All I can say is, it would appear the characters do not need to use the toilet with anything like realistic frequency. Specifically, Buck.

    • Or that Iris is willing to pull on disposable latex gloves and deal with a few messes as part of the price she pays for getting unique leverage over Buck.

    • Did you notice that she put the penis in a jar? All the easier to just dump out into the toilet…

  2. So you have a problem with a person in an academic environment, and you get no support from the administration. Do you:

    A. Quietly drop out of her class and take another.


    B. Turn them into a statue, basically killing them.

    I usually love your convoluted plans and plots, but even though Mora is an idiot she does not deserve what Brockman does to her.

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