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Index of past volumes of the Tales of Gnosis College collected in various formats at the Internet Archive.

Here are the collected tales of Gnosis College, beginning with The Apsinthion Protocol. The current issue appears on this page, with posts of new pages as they appear on the EroticMadScience.com front page. Back issues appear in a thumbnail index at the bottom of the page.

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Current Issue (Volume 8, Number 6)


Xenobia as Futura from Metropolis

Page One

Taylor Chase decides to try his hand at comics.

Page Two

Xenobia is wired up and made ready to go.

Page Three

Xenobia pops into consciousness.

Page Four

Good at languages, she is!

Page Five

Teen daughter dominates domestic life.

Page Six

Xenobia is a fembot princess in the tower.

Page Seven

Xenobia finds a recording of Lady Day.

Page Eight

Xenobia would be moved to tears, if she could make tears.

Page Nine

Xenobia costumes up.

Page Ten

Antoinette has a busy social life.

Page Eleven

Poor Xenobia, put to work scrubbing floors.

Page Twelve

Xenobia heads out for her version of a night on the town.

Page Thirteen

Double creature feature.  That's fabs!

Page Fourteen

Makeout session in the back seat of a '57 Chevy.

Page Fifteen

A monster lurks outside the car.

Page Sixteen

Xenobia raids the library's porn collection.

Page Seventeen

Stop interrupting more porn browsing, tedious humans!

Page Eighteen

Lonely fembot seeks sex parts.

Page Nineteen

Fembot peers into her origins, seeking inspiration.

Page Twenty

That's one hot witch in panel two!

Page Twenty-One

Kaiser Wilhelm is not feeling well.

Page Twenty-Two

Fembot does mad science.

Page Twenty-Three

Sam steals Schopenhauer.

Page Twenty-Four

Makeout session gone wrong.

Page Twenty-Five

She's naked under those metal rings, you know.

Page Twenty-Six

Mad fembot on the loose!

Page Twenty-Seven

Antoinette deserves no better.


Page Twenty-Eight

Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow!

Page Twenty-Nine

Zap and bye-bye, Antoinette.

Page Thirty

Zap and bye-bye, Xenobia?

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  77 Responses to “Tales of Gnosis College Comix”

  1. I’m guessing the events of Vol VI Ch 5 take place at least a few hours after Vol VI Ch 4.

    All I can say is, it would appear the characters do not need to use the toilet with anything like realistic frequency. Specifically, Buck.

    • Or that Iris is willing to pull on disposable latex gloves and deal with a few messes as part of the price she pays for getting unique leverage over Buck.

    • Did you notice that she put the penis in a jar? All the easier to just dump out into the toilet…

  2. So you have a problem with a person in an academic environment, and you get no support from the administration. Do you:

    A. Quietly drop out of her class and take another.


    B. Turn them into a statue, basically killing them.

    I usually love your convoluted plans and plots, but even though Mora is an idiot she does not deserve what Brockman does to her.

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