“Les 400 culs” added to blogroll

Yann Minh now added to links list

I am pleased as punch to be able to note that I’ve discovered intrepid sex journalist Agnès Giard‘s blog Les 400 culs.  (The title of which, surely, is a slightly off-color pun on the title of this movie.)  Giard is the author of the not-too-be-missed Le sexe bizarre:  Practiques érotiques d’aujourd’hui (cover pictured to the left) as well as L’imaginaire érotique au Japon. As you might have guessed just by looking at the titles, there’s no knowing really what Giard will write about on any given day, but I can say that if you think you might be a thaumatophile, you won’t be often disappointed, so if you read French, even if only just a little, by all means surf on over.  She’s on the blogroll to the right, where surely she belongs.