Up against it

Dreaming of orgies
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There’s a certain special pleasure in being able to write parallel scenes involving some of American society’s most privileged offspring and some of its least privileged that converge on a single erotic image, in this case that of a naked woman squashed up against glass.

I’ve covered some of this material before in a post I wrote at ErosBlog over a year ago, which was prompted by my discovery of this image of actress Yukari Sakurada, up against the glass in some interesting showertime activities.  I’ll re-run the images for the benefit of the new audience.  They’re bigger this time.

The images are bigger, I mean.

Naturally this brought to mind a scene that stuck firm and fast in my mind since I first saw it as a teenager:

The awe-inspiring Uschi Digard putting her natural endowments to good use in the “Catholic High School Girls in Trouble” sequence in Kentucky Fried Movie (1977). A real two-fer, and no I don’t mean in the obvious sense:  I mean in that it served both as a prime inspiration for the parallel scenes in Invisible Girl, Heroine and for the whole concept of Mary Magdalene College.

Well, since we’re into mad science here it means that the research goes on and on, and I’m pleased to note that we can add another image to the collection of inspiration for the scene, this one from Good Luck Chuck (2007).

I’m afraid that even Jessica Alba couldn’t save this film from making Kentucky Fried Movie look urbane by comparison, but we’ll always take what we can get.

IMDB seems to indicate that the actress playing the woman in the shower is named Susan McClellan, but I fear I haven’t more to add.