Dreaming of orgies

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Up against it

The rather exciting, aphrodisiaic-driven Sigma formal that Maureen gets such a close view of of course has its own long pedigree:  another dream of a morality-free zone, a melting world of pleasures taken and given.  The idea of the orgy appears over and over in the world’s erotic art, so it behooves me to give a few examples.  Take, for instance, this exquisite carved-ivory reel from Japan.

In a very different cultural context, consider the temple sculptures at Khajuraho:

One thing you’re supposed to learn about in a modern college education, of course, is other cultures.  The Sigmas and their dates are putting this precept into practice.

Of course, I wouldn’t be a a sex blogger worthy of the name if I at least once post one other very famous orgy scene, this one drawn by the great Wally Wood for Paul Krassner‘s The Realist.

(Click on image for larger version.)

Popular culture is a common area of study in contemporary higher education, too.