New Iris art

It’s a pleasure to be able to present some new Erotic Mad Science bespoke art featuring Iris Brockman from her initial adventure abroad:  an interesting moment in her employment in the Club Cuisine (or, depending on your views on the metaphysics of personal identity, her last moment, although obviously she has full confidence in that that’s not the case).

Creative Commons License
Iris and Samurai by by Hitori, ZEO, & Kurohoshi, commissioned by Dr. Faustus of is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License (Click on the image for a larger version.)

This one was a group effort, with by Hitori, whose highly imaginative work we’ve seen here recently at Erotic Mad Science acting as principal artist with help from his friends ZEO and Kurohoshi who do charming work of their own (follow links to their galleries at DeviantArt).  You can see their joint work at a blog here.

And I do believe they are all open to the idea of future commissions, hint, hint.


The strange fluids that flow from Anwei’s body and envelop Aloysius, the precipitous manner in which both vanish into the sea, to say nothing of the the mad science process that was the apparent causal antecedent of Anwei’s taking on her eventual strange form make one suspect that she has begun to take on certain characteristics of this sort of strange creature:

You’ll find her dwelling in some of more erotically-fixated, anime-centered back country of the Internet. She goes by the name of a “goo girl” or “slime girl,” someone in female form constituted out of something liquid or semi-liquid and having (I would guess, anyway) a consistency of something like jello.  An intuitive state for a young woman like Anwei who has in her life repeatedly be turned to liquid and is now a sea dweller.

Make of this what you will. I shall note that not only can I see the goo-girl concept have a certain wiggly-jiggly appeal, but that I’m also surprised it hasn’t received more pornographic development. For as you’ve probably already figured out even if your eyes haven’t skipped this text and traveled down the page (ha!), the goo-girl, being semi-transparent, presents a unique possibility for depicting penetration scenes, even beyond that already explored in the Gnosis fictional world with an invisible girl.

A whole gallery of such (and the source for the images above) can be found at Danbooru here.

If you’re intrigued and want to follow up with stories with a goo-girl theme, a good place to begin would be Oblimo’s Story Wiki.

Harem bath 3D

Well, poor Marie, her usefulness in Colonel Madder’s plots now at an end, ends up getting haremized for her troubles.  And her new life — curiously paralleling Iris Brockman’s — begins with a bath.

There are worse ways to get started, I suppose, even if Marie’s experience isn’t exactly smiley.


(Proximate image source GoodShit.)

Now harems and baths are obviously a subject that appeals to me, since they’ve turned up in posts here before, illustrated either with classical art or photographs.    For a bit of visual inspiration here I’ll turn in another direction, which is CG art.  I found a relevant example in a set of CG harem pictures at site called (yes, that is the correct spelling).

Now this is not ideal in any number of ways, but there’s still some appeal here.  CG is getting better all the time, and for the thaumatophile or anyone else who is into things that are so weird that they would be prohibitively expensive (or just plain impossible) to actually photograph or film and costly to create as hand-drawn art, it remains the great visual creation hope.  So let’s not be too critical of CG just yet — let’s lend it a hand instead.

And hope that perhaps it will soon get as good as hand-drawn art.

(Found at  The Abyss.) [Faustus May 11, 2018: The site appears to be lost.]

Another in the lion’s den

Back when I was writing about a certain lion-related scene in Invisible Girl, Heroine that a certain visual image didn’t seem to exist because, of course, there are certain rather pressing safety-related issues involved in creating one.

As my image-delving has brought home to me (which it does dozens of times a week), illustrators enjoy certain freedoms that photographers do not.

Via Janitor of Lunacy.  Better late than never, I suppose!

Detached heads

There is an additional detached-heads visual tradition, and it appears to be Japanese.  Three images are all via Janitor of Lunacy, but I don’t know much more about their specific provenance.  (If anyone could offer any in comments I would be appreciative.)  The first has the look of a traditional ukiyo-e.

The next is much more in an anime style. It’s the most thaumatophile of the bunch, what with all those wires and a pretty Rotwang-like figure in the background.  Since the main character is a robot, it’s perhaps not surprising that she can be insouciant about the fact that she’s carrying her own head.

And the last falls into the category of “I really am at something of a loss to explain what’s going on here.”  But I include it because (among other reasons) the visual look of the rings which divide head from body here is the closest image I’ve found to the hyperspatial cinctures in Where Am I?

Like I wrote, if anyone could contribute any understanding here…

In her web

We might feel some pity for Dolly and her fate, but we might feel perhaps less so for Buck.  It would that Cleo Mount came back from her rainforest adventure with both some unusual appetites and some unusual abilities, and Buck is about to find out that sometimes your partner has some unusual plans for your relationship.

That the spiderweb — a complex structure of lines designed to catch and hold living things fast — should show up as a fantasy bondage prop is perhaps unsurprising.  Here is an example:

If you visit the source for this image, you’ll find it’s actually a Harry Potter fanfiction scenario.  It’s a big Internet; I’m sure it’s not the strangest.

Spiders themselves work in quite nicely, playing into a sexual archetype of creatures who lure men to their doom…

…but perhaps do make them happy before the end, as Cleo promises to do to Buck.

The previous two images from the “Spider and other bug girls” board up at Monster Girl Unlimited.  You wantz monstergirls?  They gotz monstergirls. [Update on May 9, 2018: Well, they don’t gots them anymore, as the board has been taken offline for some nebulous ToS violation. What’s here might be all that’s left of it.]

Like I wrote: big, big Internet.  Or should I say, big big web? 🙂


The bizarre sex toy that Buck Yale and his friends come into possession of, the set of “hyperspatial cinctures,” raises an interesting possibility for bondage sex enthusiasts:  what if your limbs weren’t just bound, but missing altogether.  That would really be pushing matters to an entirely new and kinky level, wouldn’t it?

In the real world, going the amputee route would, of course, present significant challenges and require real commitment, and you would of course, like anyone else in society who wants to be too far from the norm, be considered sick and in need of “treatment”.  The fun part of the hyperspatial cincture is that it allows sexual game-players to try out being an amputee (among other, even more radical possibilities) in a way that’s reversible and doesn’t put you at risk of being locked up somewhere nasty.

I created the mad-science device of the hyperspatial cincture because I’m pretty the temptation to play with the possibilities of a partner rendered helpless by amputation (or be one yourself) might be commoner than people would like to admit.  There is a lot of amputation fetish art out there.  I’ll present two examples.

GammAtelier, which has been featured here at EroticMadScience recently and has been added to the links bar, has an entire gallery of amputation fetish art, of which I show one specimen below (click on image to see it in context):

And the intriguing (though perhaps dangerous?) Naga’s Den, from which we’ve also seen art before, has (among other things) a page of sketches called The Rubber Brush, which, like the hyperspatial cinctures, is a quasi-magical technology that allows participants in a bondage party to just…eliminate parts of themselves or meld them together.  The implications are obvious.

As always, if you have favorites in this sort of art, I welcome your suggestions in comments.

In the sculpture court

So I went image-delving to try to give the reader a bit of visual experience to go along with the narrative of Iris in the sculpture court where she discovers the statue made out of Ashley Madder.  This naturally involved a trip to the Medsua Realm, a great big A.S.F.R.-related site where they do that sort of thing well.

My eye was first attracted to the image at the left, presented on one of  their webfinds pages.   Not much provenance there, unfortunately.  But we do live in a happy Internet era, and there is now a tool called TinEye, which is a reverse image search.  Got an image you’re wondering about?  Well, now you either upload it or just send the URL to TinEye and it will give it a shot for you.  On this image, I was able to turn up that this is a sculpture known as “Femme Eternelle.”  Neat!  (Unsurprisingly, TinEye is now listed on my links bar as one of the Cool Tools, so by all means enjoy it.)

Interesting.  Over to Google image search.  Can I find it larger or better or more like it?  Enter “femme eternelle sculpture” and all sorts of interesting results come back.  Nothing bigger on this one, but something did come up that seemed even better from the perspective of “sculpture court visual experience.”  It’s a woman on a pedestal, indentified only by the title “Une photo d’art.”

That from a French-language blog called The Dreamsland, whose collection of photography is so exquisite that it too is now added to the EroticMadScience blogroll.


When I was just about ready to launch I wrote to a friend describing my enterprise in these words:

I guess it’s time I raised the Jolly Roger and set sail.

And that’s very much in the general spirit of things at this site, since a core idea behind the Gnosis stories is that it is a blessing to be able to escape the realm of ordinary human life and its conventions, to find a morality-free zone where we might indulge our imaginations.

Dreams are of course the best and most blessed of all such zones, perhaps.  Hence Gnosis Dreamscapes. But pirates do nicely as well.

And naturally, as pirates are outlaws beyond the reach of any state, one naturally imagines that they might get up to some rather interesting activities.

(For a larger version click through to Kinky Delight.)

I’m a little surprised that there isn’t more pirate-themed porn than I can readily find with simple image searching.  “Rum, sodomy, and the lash” was how Winston Churchill supposedly characterized naval tradition.  Churchill probably wasn’t right about the sodomy bit, given how little privacy there would have been on an a ship in the days of fighting sail.  But seriously, wouldn’t a square-rigged ship be something like an ideal BDSM playground?  What with all those ropes and spars and the great familiarity that sailormen are supposed to have with different kinds of knots?  To say nothing of the fondness that navy men have long had for corporal punishment as a means of maintaining discipline…  Perhaps the shortage of usable vessels explains why we don’t see sailing ships used for more bondage shoots.  Perhaps the Village People’s use of the U.S.S. Reasoner lingers in institutional memory, making the Navy skittish of any possible proposal by fine folks at to borrow the U.S.S. Constitution for an afternoon.  But perhaps I speculate too much?

That said, there are certainly some people willing to make good use of  the vast homoerotic potential of pirates.

But interestingly enough it was none of this that inspired Bill’s naval dream.  Rather, it was Kurt Weill and Berthold Brecht‘s song “Seeräuber Jenny” from Die Dreigroschenoper (1928) that really set my inner wheels in motion.   A woman in an oppressive situation imagines pirates coming and wrecking destruction on all around her, and then carrying her off.  Here is Lotte Lenya performing it in a 1931 film version.  (German lyrics, and an alternative audio version, can be accessed here.)

So maybe this is really Michiko’s pirate dream?