Spider encounter
In her web

Dolly Gibson might not be the most lovable character; she’s whiny and imprudent to an almost nutty degree and one can perhaps see why even a less concupiscent person than Buck Yale might be looking for adventure elsewhere than her, even if she is the girl willing to play with hyperspatial cinctures.  Still…

[Disturbing images ahoy!  They run be beneath the fold.]

…one would think that neither she nor anyone else deserves to be reduced — even temporarily — to something like this, perhaps the most disturbing of GammAtelier’s many amputation fetish images

…and then supremely ill-used by a bunch of Omega frat boys and frat-boy wannabes.

(Look closely at those breasts and you will see a play on an image that disturbed me for a good long time after first seeing it, from Ken Russell‘s 1986 movie Gothic.  There’s a strong mad science connection here, because the movie is a heavily-fictionalized re-imagining of the night when Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein.  At one point, Claire Clairmont invites Percy Bysshe Shelley to “look into my eyes.”)


Small wonder that amputation (and raising the dead with electricity?) get all put together in an erotic horror package.

Image found at the aptly-named tumblr blog Janitor of Lunacy, where there’s a lot of this sort of thing, and much else besides.