Spider encounter

Watching the power

Well, Cleo Mount, little heard from in the last three Gnosis scripts, is about to re-appear in a big way in Where Am I? It might be worthwhile to reflect that way back in Study Abroad Cleo had a rather…intimate encounter with a rather…gigantic spider.  For a good cause, of course.

All good fun.  And I swear at the time I wrote that scene I was not aware of the following image, which appears to be circulating various places around the web.

As I read the caption in the lower-right of the photo (you can click through to get a larger version), this picture is also in a good cause — AIDS awareness, if I read it right.

Who says mad science isn’t good for something? Even if the the spider, while ginormous, does look a little fake. Perhaps a better looking spider could be found in the image to the left, which illustrates a story called “Spider” by Donna George Storey at The Erotic Woman.  If it appeals, you might want to check out this post at ErosBlog.

2 thoughts on “Spider encounter

  1. Yes, the top image is an AIDS awareness poster and ad campaign produced by the government of France in 2004. The caption is supposed to translate as: “Without a condom, you’re sleeping with AIDS. Protect Yourself.”

    There’s an equivalent one with a naked man in bed with a scorpion, and the scorpion’s stinger is poised to strike at his back. That one is much more threatening and striking, in my opinion. Searching for “AIDS” “France” and “Scorpion” will quickly turn that picture up.

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