Watching the power

Higher superstition
Spider encounter

It’s no surprise that after her unusual music lesson, Tanya Yip starts developing and acting on a rich inner erotic life. And it’s probably also no surprise that, stumbling on the view of Tanya’s activity, Tom and Dick get a little distracted

Rojan colored drawing, circa 1930

Seeing another masturbate can quite the experience for the seer, especially if things are going well for the seen.  It can even be quite the experience reflexively:  Susie Bright, dispensing auctorial wisdom for writers of erotica in How to Write a Dirty Story, recommends filming your own face at the moment of orgasm and watching that.

Happily in this day and age you can also readily see the faces of others as well:  there’s even a (subscription) site called dedicated to erotica of exactly this kind — click through on the left to see their (free) promotional trailer.  I promise that you’ll get a little distracted…