Another in the lion’s den

Another girl on a washing machine
The Wasp Woman

Back when I was writing about a certain lion-related scene in Invisible Girl, Heroine that a certain visual image didn’t seem to exist because, of course, there are certain rather pressing safety-related issues involved in creating one.

As my image-delving has brought home to me (which it does dozens of times a week), illustrators enjoy certain freedoms that photographers do not.

Via Janitor of Lunacy.  Better late than never, I suppose!

4 thoughts on “Another in the lion’s den

  1. Since the feline familly have barbed penisis which inflate and hold the female until copulation has ended, this would be an “Ouch” even if that ol’ lion is as tame as vanilla pudding. Also the standard lioness mounting proceedure involves biting and holding her by the neck. Feline sex tends to be violent noisy and painful – but that not all bad I suppose….

  2. Oddly, I recognize that artist. Formerly under the alias of “Hate the BIZZ” and later “Calibos”, he did many erotic fanworks, largely based around “Gargoyles”, Marvel and DC comics, and Transformers. He withdrew from the internet after cease-and-desist orders from various companies (not specified, but presumed to be Disney and Hasbro among others) forced him to remove his website or face legal repercussions.

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