In the sculpture court

Where Am I? now available

So I went image-delving to try to give the reader a bit of visual experience to go along with the narrative of Iris in the sculpture court where she discovers the statue made out of Ashley Madder.  This naturally involved a trip to the Medsua Realm, a great big A.S.F.R.-related site where they do that sort of thing well.

My eye was first attracted to the image at the left, presented on one of  their webfinds pages.   Not much provenance there, unfortunately.  But we do live in a happy Internet era, and there is now a tool called TinEye, which is a reverse image search.  Got an image you’re wondering about?  Well, now you either upload it or just send the URL to TinEye and it will give it a shot for you.  On this image, I was able to turn up that this is a sculpture known as “Femme Eternelle.”  Neat!  (Unsurprisingly, TinEye is now listed on my links bar as one of the Cool Tools, so by all means enjoy it.)

Interesting.  Over to Google image search.  Can I find it larger or better or more like it?  Enter “femme eternelle sculpture” and all sorts of interesting results come back.  Nothing bigger on this one, but something did come up that seemed even better from the perspective of “sculpture court visual experience.”  It’s a woman on a pedestal, indentified only by the title “Une photo d’art.”

That from a French-language blog called The Dreamsland, whose collection of photography is so exquisite that it too is now added to the EroticMadScience blogroll.