Life mushroom

Fun with quantifiers
Someone making his own

I don’t prowl the Internet at random.  There’s always a question in my mind, and the question is who else is like me?  Who else has arrived at the strange visions that swim through my head?  It surely can’t be the case that I’m alone, can it?

Usually, it isn’t.  Last week I came across someone in Japan who is clearly energized by the liquid girl thing.  And this week I’ve found an artist who works up the themes of death and resurrection (with its personal identity porn implications), a beautiful girl who jumps into the danger with enthusiasm, and even, er, unusual cuisine.  He’s in Mexico and works under the handle Hitori9.

He gives us a little one-page comic story called “Life Mushroom,” and in it we have we have a cheerful protagonist who’s fully willing to go the same distance as Iris Brockman did in her Study Abroad adventure.  We meet her right in the first panel (I apologize for the cropping, but it’s the best I can manage):

Her confidence in the life mushroom is supreme, as she shows in the very next panel:

And if you want to see how it all turns out (and don’t squick easily), then by all means look at the full version at Hitori9’s blog. She’s okay.  I promise!

And there’s something very tasty coming for dinner as well…