Niceman’s Moira Encounter art

New Apsinthion Protocol art by Niceman
Another spider horror

Niceman has done some more excellent CG work for Erotic Mad Science, this time producing another illustration of a scene from The Apsinthion ProtocolMoira Weir‘s rather exciting inter-species encounter in Professor Corwin’s off-site laboratory.

Creative Commons License
Moira Encounter by by Niceman, commissioned by Dr. Faustus at is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. (Click on image to see full-size.)

Readers of The Apsinthion Protocol should remember this being from a scene that starts with something like this:

Two more tentacles, very slender ones, also move through the water.


Try extending your hands slowly, as we discussed.

Moira does so. The slender tentacles move forward and gently brush against her fingertips.

Moira gingerly extends one hand further. A tentacle slowly wraps around the tip of one one of her fingers.


Strange feel. Not slimy or scaly, but sort of…sleek-feeling if that means anything.

The tentacles move forward and begin entwining themselves around the fingers of both of Moira’s hands.

And proceeds, perhaps inexorably to something like


After all…oh…it makes sense… go…oh my…where the most nerve endings are.


Moira, this is leading…


Yes, yes, yes. I know. And it’s wrong, and it can’t be and I won’t…

Moira opens her legs on the stool. A larger phallic tentacle moves between them.


And I mean I will…I mean…

(moans deeply)

…oh…inside me…

The tentacle thrusts back and forth

And still further thence as Moira has quite the encounter, observed (for SCIENCE!) by Professor Corwin and Anwei, who you can see in the watery background here. I can see no objections: after all, they’re all consenting adults.

Well, maybe the tentacle creature isn’t. Did anyone think of that?