Oceanic feeling
Depths of the sea

The strange fluids that flow from Anwei’s body and envelop Aloysius, the precipitous manner in which both vanish into the sea, to say nothing of the the mad science process that was the apparent causal antecedent of Anwei’s taking on her eventual strange form make one suspect that she has begun to take on certain characteristics of this sort of strange creature:

You’ll find her dwelling in some of more erotically-fixated, anime-centered back country of the Internet. She goes by the name of a “goo girl” or “slime girl,” someone in female form constituted out of something liquid or semi-liquid and having (I would guess, anyway) a consistency of something like jello.  An intuitive state for a young woman like Anwei who has in her life repeatedly be turned to liquid and is now a sea dweller.

Make of this what you will. I shall note that not only can I see the goo-girl concept have a certain wiggly-jiggly appeal, but that I’m also surprised it hasn’t received more pornographic development. For as you’ve probably already figured out even if your eyes haven’t skipped this text and traveled down the page (ha!), the goo-girl, being semi-transparent, presents a unique possibility for depicting penetration scenes, even beyond that already explored in the Gnosis fictional world with an invisible girl.

A whole gallery of such (and the source for the images above) can be found at Danbooru here.

If you’re intrigued and want to follow up with stories with a goo-girl theme, a good place to begin would be Oblimo’s Story Wiki.