Department of unintended humor

The comment spammers, as always, have been keeping me busy throwing away their garbage.  I have been trying to look on the bright side.  The fact that they’re just bots that write comments that are effectively unresponsive to the posts or pages they’re trying to stick their comments onto means that sometimes the generate unintended humor.

Back in February I wrote a post with the title “I was inducted into a harem…,” inspired by a narration line of Bridget O’Brian, who in the course of Study Abroad had exactly that experience.  The post was itself a brief foray into relevant orientalist art.  The spambot attacking the post, however, had something different in mind.  It attempted to post a comment asking

You have tested it and writing form your personal experience or you find some information online?

Personal experience?  If only…

Update 2100 UCT: And later in the day, a spambot attempted to post on Progress in Research

This post is beyond awesome. I am always wondering what to do and what not to do so I will follow some of these tips.

And in the category of “what not to do” you include not leaving your sample of Apsinthion Protocol nanomachines in the laundry?  Just askin…