Tumblr favorite #1798: Laser fucked


Original post here. This image was researched by Bacchus at ErosBlog as part of the “Γ commission.” The research was originally published at Hedonix as “Γ 028 – Laser Fucked.” Here is what Bacchus found, somewhat to his (mock?) disappointment.

This image originates at the LiarTownUSA Tumblr, where it is tagged “#magazine #vintage #porn #xxx”. I’ll confess I was taken in by it; the groovy 1970s imagery depicted is not completely uncommon in porn magazines of that era. However, a few increasingly-persistent searches failed to turn up any evidence that such a porn magazine ever existed. This is odd, because the fonts used on the apparent magazine cover are typical of those used by a large publisher of porn magazines, and their magazines virtually all survive today in online scans at various levels of detail and completeness. So a lack of search results seemed implausible.

A bit of sleuthing at LiarTownUSA (a name which perhaps should have been taken more literally than I first did) turns up a considerable volume of artwork using a formula that combines vintage iconography with modern photoshopped absurdist humor. Thus we have the impossible titles What? How? Wonder Book of 3/4″x1/8″ Threaded Hex Bushings, Harry Potter and the ’66 Chevrolet Owners Guide, and another psuedo-porn title, Badly Cropped Teens #4.

Thus I am reluctantly forced to conclude that “Laser Fuck” never existed as a porn magazine. Nailing shut the coffin of hope, we have Boing Boing explaining the joke:

If you like surreal Photoshop jokes, LiarTownUSA is the tumblog for you. Every single thing on Sean Tejaratchi’s blog is magnificent ‘shoop genius.

Le sigh…