Playing cards?
Two appetites together

The means through which Bridget O’Brian is abducted from Gnosis are of course implausible and absurd, but since they invoke a cinematic scene so important in my thaumatophile development, I couldn’t really help myself.

The scene is a tribute  — somewhat more explicit one than the original, since Bridget loses all her clothes — to the famous “girl at the piano” scene in Weird Science (1985).  And I know I’ve shown these pictures before, but I still can’t quite help myself.

Writer and director John Hughes died last year, so we can’t inquire as to his inspiration to the scene, though with writing like this I hope he managed to make it to thaumatophile heaven.  Naturally if anyone has any background to add I’d welcome it in comments.

The unnamed girl at the piano was played by Kym Malin, who was Playboy’s Miss May 1982.  As I rolled her famous Weird Science scene around in my head I hit upon a backstory for her indignity:  the gods themselves decided they wanted Kym as a plaything, and so that’s why supernatural winds stripped her naked and sucked her up the chimney.

The gods probably had a point…