Girls and washing machines

Waldron Lee's inspiration

Apropos of the excessive woman-washing machine short, I can say that I had seen images of women interacting at least somewhat erotically with washing machines:  the one featured in this ErosBlog post is a particularly amusing example.    And of course, sex-tech maven Violet Blue has at least one post on humping the washing machine.  But I was rather surprised, when I did an image dive on the topic, just how many images I came up with.  (On all of them you can click through for links back to the original context).  Here is one example:

And another:

And yet another:

And of course, one suggested by my friend Bacchus:

And finally another, this one with a slightly vintage feel.  Beware the spin cycle!

I haven’t yet found one that ends in the bizarre way that Waldron Lee’s short does, but I’ll keep looking.