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Today we begin a little experiment here at EroticMadScience.

Over the next week or so I’m going to be a bit busy with a personal obligation. The obligation in question is a good thing and a welcome one, but it will limit the amount of attention I’ll be able to give to EroticMadScience while it’s going on.

In order to keep a flow of posts to you the deserving readers, I’m going to serialize a sequence of posts — about thirteen, I think — which represents the first chapter in a script for the next set of Gnosis College tales, tentatively entitled Gnosis Quest, which is meant to advance the story of certain characters (remember the poor abductees Bridget and Marie?) from earlier scripts.

In keeping with my possibly imprudent desire to experiment with para-literary forms that enforce writing lean and showing rather than telling, it takes the form of a comix script, done in tables that indicate possible underlying panel and page geometry, and form which I’ve dabbled with a little bit before. I’ll through in delved images and commentary to try to keep things light.

Hope you enjoy these, but if you don’t, console yourself with the thought that I’ll be more back to the job in about two weeks.

Script for today:

Page 1

A close-up view of EDITH, who is cradling a phone handset and listening intently.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): I’m a bit surprised now that I even took that call.

Edith an airport, handing a boarding pass to a gate agent. Edith is somewhat frumpily dressed, wearing a GNOSIS COLLEGE and sweatshirt and carrying a small laptop bag over her shoulder.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): But I guess I am answering it.

Edith is standing full length in the shower, showering. Her head is tilted back, her eyes closed. We can see that she is indeed a more beautiful woman than her initial frumpy dress indicated.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): Perhaps it’s time for a fresh start…

Edith is sitting on a plane in a window seat (the aisle seat is empty). Her laptop is sitting on the tray table in front of her and she is typing.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): It’s not like the prospects for tenure as a teuthologist are terribly good.

Close up on Edith’s face. She is gazing out the plane window.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): Especially if you’re young and pretty and not that receptive to certain hints…

Edith is standing at a luggage carousel, claiming a bag.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): So I guess answering is the right call.

Edith is in a hotel room, tipping a bellhop. The bellhop’s expression suggests that he doesn’t think the tip is enough.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): I should take what I can get…

Page 2

This is a “splash page,” indicating the title of the book: GNOSIS QUEST PART 1: TEUTHOLOGY. A large octopus entwines its tentacles around the lettering of the title.

Page 3

Edith is walking toward a black sedan. A man in a dark suit and sunglasses is holding a rear door open for her.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): The government men arrive right on time to pick me up.

A view “through the windshield” of the car. Two expressionless, dark-suited men sit in the front seat. Edith can be seen, more faintly, in the back seat, peering forward.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): Where do they find such expressionless men?

A “helicopter shot,” showing the car proceeding through what looks like an “old factories and warehouses” district of a city that has seen better days.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): Not that I mind having them around, though.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): This doesn’t look like the nicest part of town.

The car is drawn up by a curve next to a factory building. A small door can be seen in the side of the building, which is sealed off with “crime scene” tape. A pair of policemen are standing at either side of the door.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): Why would they want to guard this so carefully?

Edith and one of the suits. The suit is tugging at the door to open it.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): They really haven’t told me what to expect here.

REAR-ADMIRAL SHACKLEFORD emerges from the other side of the door. He has his hand extended in greeting.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): Ah. So this must be Admiral Shackleford.

SHACKLEFORD: Professor Sterling? Thank you for coming down on such short notice.

Exploitative of me to stick the shower scene on the very first page, I suppose, but hey, surely it has, uh, symbolic significance.

Found at this free gallery of images from Met-Art, which is a damn splendid site for this sort of glamour photography.