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Housekeeping item: CSS weirdness
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Over the past few days I’ve been trying to fix or improve some things here at Erotic Mad Science.  You should notice the following.

CSS weirdness now fixed.  In the past you might have noticed that whenever two posts containing custom Per-Post CSS (normally posts containing paracinematic or paracomix scripts with their special formatting elements) appeared on the same page, things would get a little screwed up, with the fonts being thrown into Courier and strange messages appearing at the tops of pages.    I noted this problem before.  I have now fixed it by adopting site-wide CSS standards for these elements.  Stupid of me not to have noticed it before, but at least it’s fixed now.

Broken search function fixed. If you tried to search from the box that came up when you got a “Page Not Found” message at Erotic Mad Science, in the past, it would direct a search to Michael Janzen‘s site instead.  There’s nothing sinister about that:  Michael Janzen is the creator of the clean, neat Basic Simplicity template that Erotic Mad Science uses.    But it led to a glitch in the code for the site, which I have now found and fixed.

Parascreenplay font weight changed. If you look at the various scripts found here at Erotic Mad Science, you’ll find that I have thickened the font weight globally.  The previous Courier New font had the advantage of being a monospace font (a must for screenplays) and globally supported, but was thin and pale-gray under most browsers.  I hope the new font weight is more visually pleasing and readable.

Tag cloud added. I’ve added a tag cloud on the right-hand sidebar.

Tags improved. I am in the process of re-tagging many old posts to allow readers of the site to find thematic threads more readily.  If you have any suggestions about tags you would like to see, by all means please let me know either by commenting on this post or by contacting me.

A note on editorial policy:  as I go back and improve the tags on old posts I do occasionally spot and correct typos, as well as other editorial mistakes.  Sorry I have to do this; I confess to not being the world’s greatest self-editor.  As a matter of policy I won’t call attention to corrections of mere errata, but if any substantive updates are made, I shall definitely identify them with test noting the time and nature of the update.

Thank you and now back to regularly-scheduled mad science.