Housekeeping item: CSS weirdness

Paragraphing a little hosed
Some site upgrades

Some of you might have noticed recently the appearance on the blog of either font weirdesses (everything in Courier) and odd messages at the top of the blog at times of the form //Custom CSS  in … //.  Sorry about this.  It seems that when I have multiple posts running at the same time with different sets of Custom CSS (which I use, for example to create “screenplay effects” and recently, “comix effects”), WordPress gets a little confused.  I am not sure why this is.  Perhaps the blogging gods are punishing me for attempting to push into formatting regions Where No Blog Was Meant To Go.  (But isn’t that just like a mad scientist?)  Please bear with me…I’m trying to get a suitable workaround for the problem.

Now back to your regularly-scheduled mad science.