Paragraphing a little hosed

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Housekeeping item: CSS weirdness

Due to my (perhaps hasty) installation of a new plugin the paragraph breaks on historical posts might be a little messed up for a few days until I can fix matters.  (The plugin works fine for what what I had wanted, and for some future publication formatting I also want, but as so often with mad science, there was a little side effect.)  Please bear with me…things should be fixed in a day or so.

Update I:Basically the plugin changes the way WordPress interprets the HTML I write in, so that now paragraph and line breaks need to be explicitly specified using HTML tags. Prior to the plugin’s installation, Worpress interpreted line breaks in HTML as line breaks to be reproduced in text, which was a major pain for script production. But I now have to manually fix a large number of paragraph breaks in previous material. As of now (the morning of 6/3/2010) I think I have this done for the pages and the most recent month of posts, and I hope to have the rest done in a few days. If you see anything that looks anomalous, however, feel free to contact me and I’ll try to fix it more promptly. Thanks for bearing with me here. It will benefit the site in the longer term, I’m sure.