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Script for today:

Page 10

The lights on, we see JILL KEENEY (well, Jill-Prime, actually, but she’s the successor to the role of Jill Keeney) holding Taylor against the wall with one of his arms held in a hammerlock.

CAPTION: Our of the corner of my eye, I think I recognize this woman.

JILL: What do you think you’re doing, perv?

View of the floor.  We see Taylor’s and Jill’s feet.  Also, the bottle of shampoo, which is spilled where Taylor dropped it.  It is making some ominous bubbles…

CAPTION: I’ve seen her picture in the Illuminator.  She’s Jill Something-or-Other.  Star senior athlete.  Could probably kick my ass without even breathing hard.

TAYLOR (out-of-panel balloon): Please…my name is Taylor Chase…Marie was my girlfriend

Close up on Taylor and Jill’s faces.  Out of the panel, Jill is twisting Taylor’s arm and Taylor’s face is registering pain and perhaps a degree of panic.  Jill’s face is close by.  She is looking at him with a steely glare.

TAYLOR: No one’s heard of her for weeks…and no one seemed to be doing anything…I’m just trying to find out…

Same pose as before, but both Taylor’s and Jill’s features have relaxed a little bit.

TAYLOR (smaller -lettered balloon): …someone had to try…

Page 11

Another view from above.  Jill has turned Taylor around and is facing.  She has her hands on his shoulders.

JILL: Maybe you’d better come and talk to me.

Taylor and Jill sitting in the front seat of a small passenger car.  We see them in parallel, in profile.  Jill is driving.  Their faces are illuminated by the lights from the dash.  It is night.

CAPTION: Jill makes us get in her car.  She talks, but only about trivia.  I wonder what’s going on.

View from overhead.  Jill’s car is pulling up in a small parking area, it’s lights on.  There are a few other cars.

CAPTION: We don’t drive far.  Just to the edge of Pleasant Prairie, where there’s a lake.

Front view of Taylor and Jill sitting in the front seat of her car.  Jill is leaning forward to turn on the radio.  Taylor has his head turned, looking at her.

JILL: Get in back.


JILL: This is a make-out spot for PP high school kids.  That’s what we’re going to pretend to be doing.

Extreme close-up of Jill and Taylor in low light.  Jill is nibbling at Taylor’s earlobe.

JILL: This is a good way to get close, talk low while playing the radio, and not look…suspicious.  Do you understand.

TAYLOR: Well, yes, but…

Close-up, but not quite as close as the previous panel, showing Jill and Taylor in the back seat of Jill’s car.  Jill has placed her index finger across Taylor’s lips.

JILL: Shut up and listen carefully.

Page 12

“Helicopter view” of the make-out area, including Jill’s car.  We see that a full moon is shining down.

CAPTION: And so I listen.  I hear a really frightening story.

CAPTION: Jill and some of her friends think they have a lead on some sort of international high-class white-slavery ring.

Close up of COLONEL JEREMIAH MADDER, sitting at a lectern in full dress uniform, lecturing.

CAPTION: In the middle of all the excitement, some spy-guy named Colonel Madder got arrested near Gnosis.

CAPTION: He was mixed up in capturing girls from Gnosis somehow.  Jill refuses to tell me how she could possibly know this.

Close up of BRIDGET O’BRIAN.  We see her head and shoulders, which are bare.  She is floating inside some sort of fluid-filled tube.

CAPTION: Apparently it goes back to something one of Jill’s friends got mixed up when she was doing study abroad.

A view of a naked girl, bound and bent over some sort of hobby-horse.  FRAU KUPLER, clad from head to toe in black leather, is in the process of flogging the naked girl.

CAPTION: Some sort of creepy madam runs an organization dedicated to making girls into sex slaves.

You know, compared to tube girls, white slavery rings, leather-clad dominatrices, and top-level government amputee creeps, a bunch of kids having sex in the back seats of cars seems just plain wholesome and All-American. So we’ll have a picture focusing on that.

Of course, since I’m not at all wholesome or All-American, my specific example will be taken from the Philippines.

From the blog of Mocha Uson.   From an entry about having sex in your car, which comes complete with a list of pointers.  The first item on the list: keep it clean.  The car, that is.