Tiresias III

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Script for today:

Page 7

The lobby of the Periclea (an auditorium/theater).  We see Taylor and PAMELA in profile, talking.  Between them a poster advertising VERDI REQUIEM:  STUDENT PERFORMANCE.

TAYLOR: Hey, Pamela…have you seen Marie?  We were supposed to attend together.

PAMELA: Sorry, Taylor.  She slipped away at the gym last night I haven’t seen her since.

Taylor sitting in an Periclea seat.  He’s putting his hand on an adjacent seat waving off another approaching student.

CAPTION: Wonder where she could be?

TAYLOR: Sorry…I’m saving this for someone.

Close up on Taylor’s face, now in the darkened auditorium.  He looks worried.

SFX: Swirling musical score, marked with lyrics “…in die illa tremenda.”

CAPTION: She’s never stood me up before.

Close-up on Taylor, who is rising out of his seat, looking shocked.

TAYLOR: Jesus…

View of the stage in the Periclea.  Chorus and orchestra members are looking around in fear and confusion.  TANYA YIP is holding CONNIE MORTON (the soprano solosit) who has just fallen dead on stage.

CAPTION: Looks like bad times are coming at Gnosis.

Taylor sitting on the edge of his bed, holding a phone.

TAYLOR (into phone): Marie?  Sweetie?  I know everyone’s really shaken up by what happened tonight and I’m really worried and I really need you to call me, okay?

Page 8

Taylor lies in bed in the dark, alone.

CAPTION: No call ever comes.

An outdoor scene at Gnosis. The campus is covered in snow.  A pair of detectives and a student are standing on a path.  One detective is asking the student questions, while another is writing something down on a a notepad.  In the background, Taylor walks by, his hands jammed into the pockets of a winter coat.

CAPTION: There’s a lot of activity on campus.  People asking questions everywhere

Taylor is standing in the Gadget (the student cafe).  He is holding open a copy of the Gnosis Illuminator (the student newspaper).  One headline on the paper is visible, reading POSSIBLE LEAD IN MORTON DEATH.  In the background we can see a coffee bar with a barista taking someone’s order.  Another male student is looking over Taylor’s shoulder.

CAPTION: One poor girl is dead.  Some other students seem to have disappeared.

Taylor trudging through the snow, alone under a streetlight.  The light illuminates the part of the panel containing Taylor,  The rest is dark.

CAPTION: A week goes by, the two, then three.  In the chaos of events, no one seems to have that much attention for one freshman girl.

Two women walking down a snow-cleared path.  It daylight.  They are looking over their shoulders at Taylor, who is behind them, raising a finger.

CAPTION: But my attention is undivided.

TAYLOR: Hey, can I talk to you women a minute?

Taylor sitting across the table from Pamela in the Gadget.  Both have hot drinks of some kind.  Pamela appears to be talking, and Taylor is leaning forward across the table, listening intently.

TAYLOR: The last person I know to have seen Marie turns out to be her friend Pamela.  They were working out late in the gym.  She says she heard something suspicious shortly after she last saw Marie.

Page 9

Taylor stands with one hand on a pair of double doors labeled WOMEN’S LOCKER ROOM.  He is looking around rather nervously.

CAPTION: For some reason, I think that playing CSI will help, somehow.

View “from above” as Taylor enters the locker room.  It is dark.  He is illuminating the path in front of himself with a flashlight.

CAPTION: I really, really hope that no one is in here.

Someone in quick sequence turned on the lights in the room (SFX:  CLICK!), grabbed Taylor from behind (we see this person hands pushing Taylor hard forward) and shoved him up against the lockers (SFX, large letters:  SLAM!).  The bottle of shampoo that Taylor was smelling before is spilling out of his hand.


A view inside a locker, which Taylor has just opened.  There is a towel, some toiletries.

CAPTION: Marie’s locker.  Didn’t Pamela say she told her she was going to the showers?

Reverse view of the previous panel.  Taylor’s face is illuminated by the glow of his flashlight, which he has set down.  He has taken a bottle from the locker, opened it, and is smelling it with an enraptured expression. In the ground (unseen by Taylor) a vague outline of a face can be seen.

CAPTION: I remember this smell…her hair…and yet it’s off a little somehow…

It is a measure of Taylor’s devotion to Marie that he is sneaking into a women’s locker room with his mind on his mission, rather than on something more like this.

Picture found in this set.  Go Taylor!