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Script for today:

Page 16

Taylor is in the graveyard, walking among the tombstones, carrying a flashlight.

CAPTION: And yet here I am.  I’m looking for something.

Close-up on Taylor’s face.  He is looking over his shoulder, fearful.

CAPTION: I can sense that damn whispering again right now and…

TAYLOR: What the…

View of a grave.  A great mass of tentacles is erupting from one of the graves.


Front view of Taylor, front view, in the act of running.

CAPTION: I try to run.  But it’s all a dream.  So it’s like trying to run at the bottom of a swimming pool.

Taylor is seized.  Both of his arms have tentacles wrapped around them.  Another has ensnared his legs, tripping him and pulling him to the ground.

CAPTION: I remember looking at a lot of tentacle porn when I was a high-school geek with an Internet connection.

View of Taylor, suspended in mid-air over the graveyard by the tentacles.  (But most of his head is out of the panel — focus fetishistically on his torso and groin). His shirt has already been torn away.  Other tentacles are tearing away his pants, exposing his cock.

CAPTION: Somehow it’s not nearly as cool when it’s something that’s actually happening to you, rather than some buxom anime babe.

Page 17

Close-up on Taylor’s bare buttocks.  A penile tentacle is probing and about the penetrate him anally.

CAPTION: I know what…

Same view as before, but the tentacle has penetrated him.

SFX: Schlorrrp!

TAYLOR (jagged, out-of-panel balloon): Arrrgh!

Close up on Taylor’s face, his mouth is open, and he is grimacing in pain.  Another penile tentacle is hovering near his mouth.

CAPTION: I could wake up at any time but..

TAYLOR: Ahhh….

Another close-up on Taylor’s face.  The tentacle has thrust into his mouth.  His eyes are wide, practically bugging out.

CAPTION: “The longer you stick with it, the better you’ll do.”


Close up on Taylor’s abdomen.  There’s a moving lump (indicate with motion lines) distending the flesh in it.

CAPTION: They just keep thrusting and thrusting.  One keeps moving up…

Taylor’s head an neck.  His head is thrust back, his throat swollen by the tentacle thrusting down into it.

CAPTION: …the other down.

CAPTION: I would vomit if I could...

Taylor in full view, suspended by two tentacles with his arms, held upright, legs pulled apart by two other long tentacles, penetrated by long tentacles orally and anally.

CAPTION: …but I can’t even do that.

Taylor trapped in the same pose as before, except that this time viewed from behind.

CAPTION: I feel like they’re linking up somewhere in my stomach.

Close-up on Taylor’s face in profile.  He’s visible eye is closed, squeezing out a tear.

CAPTION: I could wake up…

CAPTION: “The longer you stick with it, the better you’ll do.”

Page 18

Same profile view as before, except that in this one the tentacle has just pulled out of Taylor’s mouth, and Taylor’s eye is wide open.

TAYLOR (jagged balloon): Huuukh…uhhk!

View of Taylor from the front. We see his head, chest, and forearms (which are presumably still suspended, so he is hanging in a crucified position).  His head is slumped forward on his chest.

CAPTION: Is that it? Did I pass?

Taylor in the same position as before, except that he has now raised his head and is looking down with horrified expression.

TAYLOR (jagged balloon, large lettering): HOLY LIVING FUCK!

Close up on Taylor’s groin.  A tentacle with a “mouth” on the end is about to bite his cock off.

TAYLOR (out-of-panel balloon): Nooooo…

Taylor’s cock has been bitten off.  He is bleeding copiously from the resulting wound.

TAYLOR (jagged balloon and lettering): Ahhh!!!

Close-up on Taylor’s face, contorted in horrible pain.

CAPTION: Only a dream, only a dream, only a dream

Taylor lying on the ground in the graveyard in a fetal position, his hands over his wound.  He is grimacing in agony.  A pair of fat tentacles are wrapped around his ankles.

CAPTION: “The longer you stick with it, the better you’ll do.”

Taylor is partially up from his fetal position, a look of shock on his face as he looks down at his legs, which are straightening out (indicating that the tentacles are pulling on them).


View of Taylor, now flat on his stomach, looking up.  We see the tentacles dragging him backward toward an open grave.


One motivation for writing a squicky scene like the one above is that there just seem to be so few instances in which guys are the target of naughty tentacles, and it only seemed fair (to say nothing of consistent with Little Michiko’s sense of how things ought to work) that there should be some more.

It’s not that there’s none, of course.  The maxim that it’s the Internet age and if you want it you can get it applies here as well.  Here is one example:

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