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Script for today:

Page 19

Close up showing only one of Taylor’s hands.  It is clutching at the ground in a futile attempt to prevent Taylor from being dragged back.

TAYLOR (out-of-panel balloon): No…no…no…

View of Taylor scrabbling at the edge of the open grave, his face frozen in mute horror.

This panel is a P.O.V. of Taylor’s.  Most of it is black, but there is a rectangle in the middle, showing some sky or other feature, which is what Taylor can see out of the open grave he has been dragged into.

CAPTION: There is no fear like this.

Same view as previous panel, except that the rectangle is smaller, as if Taylor has been dragged still deeper into the grave.

CAPTION: I love you, Marie.

This panel is solid black.

Taylor’s P.O.V., except that he his now looking up at the ceiling of Professor Waite’s lab.

Page 20

A view inside another part of Professor Waite’s laboratory.  This is a room filled with monitors and computers of various kinds.  We see LITTLE WILLIE in profile sitting on a high stool, looking at a computer monitor.

LITTLE WILLIE: Wow. Kid really hangs tough.

A view back inside the laboratory bedroom.  Taylor is sitting up on the side of the bed.  He is naked, but is covering his lap with the sheets.  Jill sits beside him.

TAYLOR: Was that really necessary?

JILL: Let me tell you something, Taylor.

This panel depicts a flashback (to the quasi-screenplay Invisible Girl, Heroine).  The panel is divided by a “cutaway” of a wall.”  Part of the wall is a bondage-like device similar to the “stocks” through which Jill’s (Jill-Prime’s technically) head and hands project.  In a room on this side of the wall sits DR. STRANGEWAYS, who is sitting in a rocking chair and smiling sardonically.  Jill’s face registers a look of shock and pain.  On the other side of the wall is the rest of Jill, on her knees and bent over.  She is bound by her ankles, and naked.  CONGRESSMAN THROTTLEBOTTOM, his pants down, is pentetrating her anally from behind.

CAPTION: The outside Gnosis College is a surpassingly cruel and dangerous place.  I know this from experience.

This panel is also a flashback, showing the murder of Jill (Jill-Prime, technically) from Gnosis Dreamscapes.  We see only her bound hands in the air, and the main rope (from which the rest of Jill is hanging).

JILL: Getting killed is a real possibility too. And believe me, you don’t want to know how well I understand this either.

Page 21

This page should recap the large orgy scene from the “Odalisque” segment of Study Abroad.  It should be set in some sort of grand Moorish space full of cushions, divans, fountains, etc.  Looming over the panel should be the crucified girl LUDMILLA, while in the foreground we should see both BRIDGET O’BRIAN and DONNA in double rear-entry/performing fellatio poses.  Around the rest of the panel, various other naked people engaged in sex acts and debauchery.

CAPTION: Bridget was involved in stuff with the Kupler organization before.  The tales were not for the faint of heart.

CAPTION: We need someone who’s really tough…

CAPTION: …and committed.

Committed is needed indeed, given the scary things that can happen to you in the Gnosis fictional world, some of which this particular section of script gave me the opportunity to revisit.

The fate of helpless Ludmilla gets an artistic nod from Hajime Sorayama.

Found on the oddly-named Portuguese-language blog Sem Pénis Nem Inveja, which contains lots of nice art and photography.