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Script for today:

Page 28

Taylor is lying strapped to the table.  Giant blue-white sparks are arching from the apparatus above him and he is arching his back. His penis is erect.


CAPTION: Initiating radiation sequence.


Close up on Taylor’s face.  He has an expression of wonder and fear.

CAPTION: I don’t know how to describe it…

Same view, except that now Taylor’s skin has become transparent, revealing the muscles of his face.

CAPTION: It was sort of as if bits of me were being scraped away…

Same as before, except that now we see Taylor’s skull.

CAPTION: …bit by bit…

Same as before, except that now we see a brain, floating in space.

CAPTION: ……going deeper and deeper…

Same as before, except that now we see just a ghostly crackle of energy where his brain used to be.

CAPTION: ..until nothing was left…

A black panel.

CAPTION: And it was if I had gone away but the sensations were still there.

Page 29

Close up on Taylor’s face.  He is resting on the table, his eyes are closed.

CAPTION: I really have no idea how much time has gone by before I come back.

Taylor is sitting up, still naked, reaching for his genitals.  Waite, who has just finished unstrapping him, partly blocks our view of this.

CAPTION: Even though it’s stupid, there’s something I check right away.

Taylor sitting on the side of the table, now wearing a hospital gown.  Waite is standing by his side, holding a clipboard.

TAYLOR: So that’s it?

WAITE: Yes.  Your…changes should be setting in gradually over the next few weeks.

Taylor walking along a line in a Gnosis cafeteria, sliding a tray long that’s piled high with food.  A COED, standing behind him line looks like she’s trying to suppress a laugh at how much food he has.

CAPTION: For a couple of days I don’t notice anything unusual, except that I seem to be even hungrier than I was even before.

Taylor standing in a bathroom at Gnosis.  He is naked except for a towel wrapped around his waist. We see his back and his front reflected in a mirror over a sink.  He’s looking at his chest.

CAPTION: But after I few days I think I do notice some changes.

Same setting as previous panel, but this time Taylor is in profile, full-length view of Taylor, a few moments later.  He has opened the towel and is looking down.

CAPTION: I do appear to be…shrinking.

Page 30

Same view as previous panel, except that Taylor has just hastily re-done his towel and looks a bit embarrassed.  In the background of the panel a cheerful, hunky guy has just come in (also wrapped in a towel, if this is visible) and is waving, as if he’s just greeted Taylor.

CAPTION: Or maybe that’s just my over-active imagination.

Taylor looking in the mirror again rubbing one of his hands under his chin.

CAPTION: One thing that I am sure of is that I don’t need a shave this morning.

CAPTION: My face hasn’t felt this way since I was twelve, maybe.

This is done as a split-panel.  One part of the panel shows Taylor’s genitals.  His penis is now small, as is his scrotum.  In the other part of the panel, we see his chest.  His nipples are enlarged, and he is starting to grow breasts.

CAPTION: And within a few more days it’s clear that the shrinking isn’t just my imagination

CAPTION: Nor are certain new growths.

A shower-stall in a bathroom in a Gnosis dormitory.  Taylor is is poking his head out from behind a curtain, looking around.

CAPTION: I have to get sort of circumspect about activities that were pretty casual before.

Taylor is talking on a telephone in his dormitory room.  He is covering his mouth with his other hand.

CAPTION: Some people notice that my voiced seems to have shifted from a natural tenor to a somewhat forced-sounding contralto.

CAPTION: I tell them I have a cold.

Taylor standing in is room, trying to make his jeans fit round his waist.  He’s having trouble.

CAPTION: And in a few more days certain clothes stop fitting very well.

The implied “X-ray” effect at the beginning of Taylor’s transformation has been the subject of erotic art seen before here at Erotic Mad Science.  Here is another example:

and another, which looks from this rather small picture like it might be a photograph of an actual sculpture.

Sadly I don’t know much more about the provenance of either image, beyond that I found them both at Janitor of Lunacy.