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Script for today:

Page 31

This is another split panel, showing before-and-after views of Taylor’s face in profile.  In “after” as opposed to “before” the little ridge of bone over his eyebrows has receded slightly, his lips have thickened, and generally his face presents a new feminine appearance.

CAPTION: Even my facial features seem to be changing.

Taylor sitting in a lecture hall, wearing a bulky, shapeless sweater, taking notes during a lecture.  A CUTE COED has turned around and is winking at him.

CAPTION: Strangely, it seems like girls who largely ignored me before are flirting with me now.  WTF?

Taylor lying naked on his bed in his dormitory room.  He is looking down at his crotch with a hand mirror.

CAPTION: Much good it would do them now.

Taylor with a few friends in the Gadget.  He is hastily getting up from a table around which cokes are set.  His friends look concerned.

CAPTION: And then one day there’s a shooting pain and a feeling like something splitting down below.

Taylor sitting on a toilet in a restroom stall.  His pants and underwear are pulled down, revealing not only that “he” has feminine hips, but only a triangle of pubic hair.  “He” is feeling “his” crotch gingerly.

Same view as before, though he appears to be reaching inside herself.

CAPTION: I can insert two fingers, though it hurts to do so.

Page 32

Taylor is sitting in a hospital gown on the side of an examination table.  Professor Waite is standing by Taylor, reaching into the gown, feeling one of her breasts, and smiling.

CAPTION: Professor Waite monitors my progress.

Taylor in a doctor’s office.  She is wearing a bulky sweater, and has one sleeve rolled up.  The DOCTOR is sitting next to her, with a syringe at the ready, about to give Taylor some sort of injection.

CAPTION: In time I get taken to see a G.P. and receive a Universal Vaccinative.

Close up on Taylor’s face.  She is wincing slightly as she (presumably)receiving an injection.

CAPTION: The doctor seemed puzzled as to how a “young woman of my age” hadn’t received it yet.

Extreme close up of a needle going into Taylor’s arm.

CAPTION: Waite had a convenient lie ready.: My parents are religious fanatics who refused to allow me to have one.

In foreground, Taylor is holding up her arm, examining the spot where she received the injection.  In the background, Waite is discretely slipping the doctor something.

CAPTION: I’m glad I’ve got one.

Shot “through a windshiled” of a car.  Waite is driving.  Jill is in the front seat next to her.  Taylor sits in back, staring out a window.

CAPTION: With all the changes I’ve already benn throuh I think it would be pretty freaky if I were to start menstruating.

Close up from same panel, focusing on Taylor’s face, which wears a pensive expression.

CAPTION: Or get pregnant.

Taylor standing in front of a the door seen above for the women’s locker room, her hand on the handle.

CAPTION: I want an acid-test how feminine I look.

Taylor standing naked in the middle of a locker room full of other Gnosis women in various states of undress.

CAPTION: No one bats an eyelash.

Page 33

Taylor stands in front of a mirror.  She is putting on a baggy-looking shirt.

CAPTION: The next several weeks alternate between exercises in trying not to give away that I’m now a woman…

Taylor sitting in front of a different mirror.  Jill is sitting behind her, giving her instructions in putting on some sort of makeup.

CAPTION: …and trying to learn the things that women are all supposed to know.

Taylor standing in her room, struggling to put on a brassiere.

CAPTION: It was a lot easier when I was only trying to get someone out of these.

CAPTION: Fortunately they had a supply from “a girl who left them behind.”

Taylor brushing her hair.

CAPTION: Grooming turns out to be something of a pain to learn.

Taylor, in a skirt and sweater and high heels, seen from behind, walking clumsily across an otherwise empty gymnasium floor.  In the background stands Jill, observing Taylor while she walks while at the same time leaning over to allow Little Michiko, who is sitting on a high stool, to whisper something in her ear.

CAPTION: I even have to re-learn how to walk properly.

Close up on Little Michiko’s face.  She is staring ahead, intently.

CAPTION: The Creepy Little Asian Girl show up for a lot of my “how to be a woman” lessons and offers criticism, but not to me.  Who the fuck is this kid?

It was tricky trying to figure out at which moment to switch from “he” to “she” in referring to Taylor, and I’ll grant that reasonable people might differ as to whether I got it right.  Drat this English language and its archaic system of gender-specific thrid-person singular pronouns!

The economist Deirdre McCloskey whom I first encountered in graduate school as the author of a book called The Rhetoric of Economics (and was then called Donald McCloskey) has left us a memoir of her transition from male to female called Crossing, which is quite an account of just how challenging it is to go from male to female, at least when you haven’t got mad science on your side to move the transition along.  I would thus highly recommend it to anyone interested in the process. It was a sentence on the first page of her memoir that probably did as much as anything to inspire the writing of this script:  “Most people, if they could magically do it, would like to try out the other gender for a day or a week or a month.”

Or, if you’d rather just take something simpler away from today’s script and think leeringly on the women’s locker room, by all means feel free to do that as well.  We’ll borrow an image from ErosBlog for you.

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