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Script for today:

Page 34

Front view of Taylor, still in high heels, having just taken a nasty spill


CAPTION: Progress was pretty slow at first.

View of Taylor from behind, walking.  She has a pleasing feminine sway to her hips (indicate with motion lines) and is glancing backward with a sultry look at the reader.

CAPTION: But after much practice, I got better.

View (slightly from above) in Professor Waite’s office.  Professor Waite sits behind her desk, with Jill standing behind her and Little Michiko sitting on the edge of the desk, her legs dangling down. Jill and Little Michiko are looking directly at Taylor, while Waite is reviewing a dossier on her desk.  Taylor sits in a chair facing Waite.

WAITE: Well, Taylor, it seems to me you have been making truly outstanding progress.

TAYLOR: Thanks, Professor. So what now?

Closer view on Waite and Jill.  Jill is now leaning forward over Waite’s shoulder, while Waite wears a wry smile.

WAITE: We have some special training in mind for you, Taylor.

WAITE: Stop by my house tonight at eight.

Page 35

Taylor, dressed non-descriptly in jeans and a baggy GNOSIS COLLEGE sweatshirt, stands on a the front porch of a house, ringing a doorbell.  Flowers are growing in pots hanging on the edge of the porch.

CAPTION: I didn’t know what to expect that beautiful spring night when I visited Professor Waite’s house.

Close up on Little Michiko, who is standing in the entrance foyer of the hosue, pointing up a set of stairs.  We are seeing her from Taylor’s approximate P.O.V., so looking down.

CAPTION: The Creepy Little Asian Girl answers the door.  She doesn’t say a word to me except…

LITTLE MICHIKO: The door at the left…

View of Taylor peering inside a door that she’s just opened.  She has an astonished look on her face.

CAPTION: Perhaps I should have been better prepared for what I saw.

TAYLOR: Holy Venus!

Stretched out a bed, wearing a short silk robe and in a seductive pose, is SCOTT AARONSON.  The light in the panel is low, because the illumination in the room comes primarily from candles around the room.

CAPTION: Scott Aaronson. Or “Scott Adonis,” as he tends to be known. Girls sigh when he walks past.  He’s as ripped as any athlete, and at the same time so pretty that even the guys want him.  He does a lot of dance and musical theater

CAPTION: And consistent with the tiresome stereotype, it means that it’s the guys, not the girls, who have a chance of getting lucky with him.

Page 36

A reverse view, showing Scott from behind, while Taylor stands in the doorway, slightly silhouetted by the light behind her.

TAYLOR: Uh, Scott.  Like, why are you here?

SCOTT: Isn’t it…obvious, Taylor?

Side view of Scott and Taylor.  Taylor has stepped into the room and closed the door behind her, while Scott is beginning to sit up on the bed.

TAYLOR: So you are, uh, working with Professor Waite?

SCOTT: In a manner of speaking, yes.  We need to make sure you’re really up for an assignment involving sex.

Another view of Scott and Taylor,still in profile  Taylor has stepped closer to Scott, and Scott has placed his hands on Taylor’s shoulders.  Taylor is looking up at Scott, slitghtly puzzled, while Scott is looking intensely down at Taylor.

TAYLOR: But aren’t you…I mean, like there’s totally nothing wrong with that but…

SCOTT: Try not to think about that.  Right now I really, really want you.

Close up view.  Scott has taken Taylor’s hand and guided into his robe so that she can feel his erection.

CAPTION: It’s true.  He’s hard as a rock.

SCOTT (out-of-panel balloon): Don’t be shy.  Here.  Feel.

Close up on Scott and Taylor’s faces.  They re very close.  Scott has cupped his hand around the back of Taylor’s head.


SCOTT: Shh.  Let’s just give this a try.  You won’t succeed if you can’t at least tolerate it.

Same close up as before, except that now Scott and Taylor have fallen into a deep kiss.

CAPTION: There’s a brief moment of disgust, but it ebbs.  I feel…warm.

It was inevitably coming to this, yes?  Gender-bending with sexual-orientation bending.  All in a day’s work here at Erotic Mad Science.

In using the phrase “even the guys want him,” Taylor shows that he’s perhaps a reader of TVtropes, which noble site leads us to an obvious illustration for today’s segment of script.

Although this particular picture is linked through the article on the trope Everybody Remembers the Stripper (I wonder why) and is attributed to the anime series Eden of the East.