Tiresias XIII

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Script for today:

Page 37

Close up of Taylor leaning her head forward and Scott kissing her neck.

CAPTION: He’s actually very tender and gentle.

Taylor sitting on the bed, removing her sweatshirt with Scott’s help, revealing a brassiere underneath.

Scott behind Taylor, unhooking her brassier from the front.  Taylor’s head is turned back, kissing Scott.

CAPTION: Scott seems to know just which step to take when.  I feel warmer and warmer.

A frontal view.  Taylor is cradling Scott’s head.  He is sucking one of Taylor’s nipples.

Close up of Scott’s hand, reaching down to undo the zipper on Taylor’s jeans.

CAPTION: Scott sure seems to know what’s where.

Close up of Taylor’s jeans, partially pulled down.  Scott has reached inside Taylor’s panties and is apparently giving her a clitoral massage.

SFX: Uhhhnhhh….

View from Taylor’s P.O.V.  We see down her body to the edge of the bed, where he’s kneeling, pulling off Taylor’s jeans.

CAPTION: Is Scott that good of an actor?

Another Taylor P.O.V.  She is reaching down, pulling her panties off past her left foot.

CAPTION: Does he know I used to be a guy?  Is that what gets him going?

Close up on the back of Scott’s head between Taylor’s legs, performing cunnilingus on Taylor.

SFX: Ohhh….

CAPTION: Or does Professor Waite have some sort of “not gay for a day” magic?

Page 38

Scott is lying flat on his back in bed.  Taylor is astride him, guiding his cock into her.

CAPTION: When the moment of truth (as guys see it) comes, Scott invites me to get on top.

Scott and Taylor in the same positions as before, except that Taylor has enveloped Scott and has a surprised expression on her face.

CAPTION: It feels so full….

Close up view of Taylor in profile (head, shoulders, upper arms) riding Scott (indicate with motion lines).

CAPTION: But it doesn’t feel bad, and so it’s off to the races for new Taylor.

Same profile view of Taylor as before as she closes her eyes, a blissful expression on her face.

CAPTION: And after a while I discover that not only can I tolerate this…

Same profile view as before, except that Taylor’s face is beginning to contort at the moment of climax.

CAPTION: … I think I love it.

View from behind/below Scott’s right shoulder, showing Taylor astride Scott, arms flying out, in the throes of orgasm.  Scott is reaching up and cupping Taylor’s breasts as she does.

TAYLOR (dramatically-lettered balloon): Yes…Yes..YES!

Page 39

View from above of Scott and Taylor.  Scott is lying on his back, Taylor curled up by his side resting her head on his shoulder.

CAPTION: When I started this I would want to skedaddle as soon as “it” was over.

Close up on Taylor’s face. Her eyes are closed, and she wears a blissful expression.

CAPTION: But I like this part, even the way Scott smells.

View of Taylor on the bed, chest down, buttocks up, with Scott on his knees, copulating with her from behind.  Taylor’s face is contorted again.

CAPTION: Scott has the expected terrific stamina.

Taylor on her back, her legs bent back, Taylor above, copulating away.

CAPTION: When I was with Marie, sometimes she would come over and over.  “You just can’t imagine,” she would tell me.

Close-up on Taylor’s face, contorted yet again.  She is biting down on a finger.

CAPTION: I don’t have to imagine any more, Marie.

Genital close-up of Scott penetrating Taylor.

CAPTION: Suddenly the whole thing doesn’t seem fair to guys somehow.

You know, normally I’d be a little bit ashamed of coming up with this much script for what looks like plain vanilla sex, a subject so banal that it gets a line-drawing illustration in Wikipedia

…and indeed if that were all that was going on here I really would deserve to have my mad science license revoked.  But of course, one partner here was until recently a man who got a lot of radiation that changed him into a her and is now undergoing a Tiresias-like revelation, and the other is, well, those of you who carefully read Progress in Research will already have sniffed out an additional layer of mad science misbehavior here.  Those of you who haven’t should tune in tomorrow, same Bat-time, etc. etc.