Tiresias XIV

Tiresias XIII
New Marie art by Russkere

Script for today:

Page 40

Profile view of Professor Waite, who is lying on her back on a cot under a sheet.  We can see her face, which is calm, composed, with her eyes closed.  At least two electrodes are wired to her forehead.  Behind her, looking down, are Little Willie and Little Michiko.

LITTLE MICHIKO: She looks so peaceful…

LITTLE WILLIE: Perhaps you should say he looks so peaceful.

Reverse view of the previous panel, so that we see Little Michiko and Little Willie in the foreground, Waite in the background.  Little Willie and Little Michiko have turned away from Waite’s cot and are now conversing with each other.

LITTLE WILLIE: I must say that sometimes the…methodology…here gives me some qualms.

LITTLE MICHIKO: Oh, just because you were foolish enough to fall for the trick, Willie.

Little Willie has walked across the room and is looking down at a video monitor on the other side of the room.  We see his face as he is looking down.

LITTLE WILLIE: mm.  Yes.  Well, at least I’m not the only guy to have fallen for it.

Monitor view of one of Scott and Taylor having copulating vigorously. It should be clear from the image that it is an image taken by a camera hidden somewhere in the room they are in.

CAPTION: In any event, it would seem that Rebecca is succeeding beyond her expectations here.

Front view of Little Willie looking down at the monitor.  Little Michiko is looking over his shoulder, with an eager expression on her face.

LITTLE WILLIE: A spectacular show like this makes me sorry that all I’ve got is a…little willie.

LITTLE MICHIKO: Oh, and I guess that’s all I’ve got here too.

Same as before, except that Little Michiko and Little Willie have turned and are facing each other very close.  Both are grinning.

LITTLE WILLIE: So, who’s the little perv now?

Page 41

A panoramic view of a graduation ceremony.  A sea of gowned and mortarboarded students sits in an audiece while the faculty sits up on stage in academic regalia.  A SPEAKER behind a podium bearing the Gnosis College seal is delivering an address.

CAPTION: And now that we have all passed our final exams, there is a graduation.

SPEAKER: And as you are all together for the final time on these hallowed college grounds, do not forget that however stunning the experiences you have had here, far more interesting ones lie in the world without.

CAPTION: No shit, honorary degree dude.

Page 42

Jill Keeney, in gown and mortarboard receives a scroll from the COLLEGE PRESIDENT on the stage with one hand, while shaking the College President’s hand with the other.

CAPTION: In spite of an unexplained absence of several weeks in the last term and many extracurricular activities, Jill manages to graduate in good order.

Taylor, in a halter-top and short shorts, receiving an envelope from a courier. Writing on the envelope should make it clear that it came from Japan.

CAPTION: And just as Jill receives her diploma, I receive my own.

A desktop  We see an extreme close-up on part of the desk, showing the courier envelope, on top of which are piled a U.S. Passport and an airline ticket envelope marked “MUNAI AIRLINES.”  In another part of the panel we see a computer keyboard and one of Taylor’s hands typing on it.

CAPTION: I send my parents an e-mail about this fantastic overseas internship opportunity that just opened up and need to take right away.

Taylor, holding up a sundress on a hanger.  Her dorm-room bed is visible in the background, and on it is a suitcase, partly full of clothes.

CAPTION: And then I get to wonder…

CAPTION: What do you pack for your business trip to hell?


It should at least be clear now how it is that Professor Waite arranged for Scott to make an exception to his usual erotic preferences.

And in the meantime, how courageous is Taylor, given what she is likely to face?

Very damn courageous, I would say.  Image found at