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The electrifying Vinnie Tesla recently sent me a link to a snippet of German-language movie that might not be the Citizen Kane of hardcore, but which does have a nice bit of mad science in it.  Entitled “New Spanish Fly,” it has a scientist at work amidst the classic thicket of chemical glassware.  His assistant takes notes:

I can’t follow it too well.  I’d like to blame the sound on the clip but, more realistically, my German just isn’t all that good.  One bit of dialog that came across as rather funny:




Ah, ja?


Notieren sie: Ich bin geil.

“Fantastic!” “Oh, yes?” “Note this down: I am horny.”

Because taking notes is an important part of SCIENCE!

Of course, another part of SCIENCE is actual experimentation, and they proceed to this right away. Safety protocols? Animal testing? Ha!

Where this leads to you may use your imaginations to figure out. Or you can watch the clip, linked to above. You can see some really nice tubes.

By the way, what is the Citizen Kane of hardcore? I’m afraid I don’t know…