Halloween squick or squee week II: Potgirl

Halloween squick or squee week I: The Brain That Would Not Die
Halloween squick or squee week III: Lab scene

Following up on yesterday’s theme of girls who are only heads, I came up with this, a girl who is only a head but who is evidently in a happier and more stable condition than Jan-in-a-pan.

Squick or Squee!

Yes, a potgirl.  This is a theme that Gamera at GammAtelier has been working on in the past year as well.  She looks cared for and well watered.

Image provenance is a bit uncertain, although this particular potgirl does show up at the Japanese-language blog B:logical nonsense.

2 thoughts on “Halloween squick or squee week II: Potgirl

  1. If memory serves, this comes from a video game for the Dreamcast that was only released in Japan. It was a dating simulator, with the twist being that you were dating one of these human head/plant things.

    Aha! A bit of Google-fu tells me that the game was called “Tomak: Save the Earth: Love Story.” I found a plot summary that says that the head belongs to the goddess of love and you have three years to get the head to fall in love with you before the other gods decide humanity isn’t worth saving and destroy the Earth. No pressure, Romeo.

    Somewhat similar, maybe, to the also-odd Dreamcast game called Seaman, where you raised (and spoke with) a fish with a human head over a month-long life cycle. That one actually made it to the States, with Leonard Nimoy lending his voice as a narrator.

    • Gosh.

      Do you happen to know if the potgirl (or Pot Goddess, I suppose we should say) grew up, like a good healthy plant, over the course of gameplay, or was her potgirl condition as depicted in the picture a stable state?

      A fellow can’t but be curious, you know. 🙂

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