Tartarus VII

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Script for today:

Page 19

Extreme close-up view of Taylor from the front, where we see her hands undoing the top button on her shirt.

CAPTION: I do as I am told.

Close-up view from the back, of Taylor undoing the hooks on her brassiere.

Close up view from the front, showing Taylor sliding her jeans down (we see her front from roughly her navel to her upper thighs, with the jeans being slid down by her hands visible in the panel.

Close up view of only Taylor’s hand, holding out her panties to her side, about to let them drop.

A close-up of the brazier, into which Taylor has emptied out her bag, placing the clothes she has just stripped off on top of those, and her passport on top of those.

CAPTION: I am ordered to stack all my possessions in a stove…

View from the other side of the brazier, with Taylor looking down at her possessions, pouring something from a metal can down on them.  The blazing torch to one side lights up her face and upper body.

CAPTION: …pour oil on them…

Close up view of Taylor holding a torch up to the oiled stack of possessions.

CAPTION: …and set them alight.

Very close-up view of Taylor’s burning possessions, with particular emphasis on her passport, the pages of which are blackening and curling in the panel.

CAPTION: They really own me now.


Page 20

Taylor standing next to the brazier, facing away from us.  Smoke is curling up.  In the background, the First Robed Figure is pointing at her.

FIRST ROBED FIGURE: Get down in the dirt at your feet, slave!

View of Taylor kneeling in the dirt.

TAYLOR: How thoughtful of them to have provided some.

Close-up view of the Second Robed Figure.  We can dimly seem some outlines of his face behind the hood.

SECOND ROBED FIGURE: Writhe in the dirt!  Grovel!  Beg for admittance to the kingdom of pleasure!

Close-up of Taylor lying down in the dirt in a writhing posture.

TAYLOR: Please!  My lords!  This slave begs you to take her.

.Another close-up of the Second Robed Figure.  We can see a dim outline of his face, and the traces of a smile thereupon.

SECOND ROBED FIGURE: Very well.  Do you see the pool before you?

View of of Taylor’s reflection looking into the pool  Her face is streaked with dirt, her eyes are closed.

TAYLOR: Yes, my lord.


Page 21

Side view of Taylor (who is very dirty) is kneeling at the rim of the pool.

SECOND ROBED FIGURE (out-of-panel balloon): Then if you would join, dive in and swim up the other side. But beware — there is no turning back!

Side view of Taylor diving in.  The pool is deep, and she is extending downward, surrounded by bubbles.

CAPTION: Why turn back?

Taylor swimming underwater through a tunnel, with a passage leading up.  Light is filtering down therefrom.

CAPTION: At least it’s a chance to get clean…but will my breath hold out…a passage up…

Taylor surfacing on the other side, her breasts breaking through the surface as she gasps for air.


You could pull a lot of Fetish Fuel out of this scene, (’cause Taylor’s right:  we perverts really do love our little rituals) but the primary inspiration I had in writing this scene was that of “swimming under a barrier to enter a new world.”

And that, as it happens, comes from the adventures of one of the biggest sex bombs ever to be illustrated, Druuna.

She’s the creation of Italian artist Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri, and her adventures are enough fuel for all sorts of us perverts.

But then, wouldn’t you expect as much from an artist for whom freedom is a middle name?