Tartarus VIII

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Script for today:

Page 22

Taylor being hauled up from the pool with the help of two girls in harem outfits.  Another stands to the side with a towel.

CAPTION: I am reborn into a world where pleasure is the only goal.

A group of naked young women face an instructor (similarly naked), stretching on mats.

CAPTION: I am quickly put into training.

Taylor, naked but for a harem-girl vest, is positioned in a split with her feet on two balance beams.  She is lowering herself onto a tall dildo placed beneath her.  Her face wears an expression of intense concentration and some pain.

CAPTION: A sex slave needs to be flexible, of course.

View of NADIA naked on a mat.  She is lying on her back in a contortionist’s position, with both her ankles hooked behind her head.  She looks relaxed and calm.

CAPTION: We have a coach, a senior girl named Nadia, who shows us what we can do with enough work.

View of Nadia in the same position as the previous panel.  A MUSCULAR MALE SLAVE is fucking her on the mat.  Nadia wears an orgasmic expression.

CAPTION: A magnificent male is brought in to demonstrate further why we are learning this.

View of Taylor, sitting cross-legged on the mat, watching.  Her right hand has drifted down to her crotch.

CAPTION: I hate to admit it, but I get wVet as I watch this.


Page 23

Taylor, naked except for a tank-top cut off so that it shows underboobs, is in a squat, her legs apart.  In front of her is a long roll of paper.  She is holding something resembling a fountain pen in her vagina.  Dangling before her a bulbous object on a long string with small beads every ten centimeters along its length.

CAPTION:Some of these exercises are damned hard.

Close-up view between Taylor’s legs.  We see her holding the pen in her vagina.

CAPTION: My pussy is finally getting a workout, to develop control over the muscles within.

Downward view (Taylor’s P.O.V.) through her legs.  We can see the paper she is squatting on, with lots of scribbles thereupon.

CAPTION: Girls who are good at this exercise can sign their own names.

Profile close-up on Taylor’s face.  We see her reaching out with her tongue and guiding the bulb on the string into her mouth.  We can see that the little beads along the length of the string are numered sequentially each ten centimeters.

CAPTION: Another exercise is to learn to suppress the gag reflex.

Second view of Taylor in the same position as before.  She has swallowed the bulb and the string up to “2.”

CAPTION: Some of Kupler’s customers like their fellatio really deep.

Taylor viewed from the front again, her arms held out for balance, the string leading into her mouth.  Her head is tilted full back, exposing her throat.

CAPTION: You can’t say this isn’t educational.


Page 24

Taylor naked in an octagonal, plexiglass tank.  An AMAZONISH WOMAN is holding her head under water (a trail of bubbles is coming up from Taylor).  A line of other naked girls is seen leading out of the panel, apparently waiting their turn.

CAPTION: There are supplementary exercises in breath control.

Taylor split between the balance beams again.  This time she is surrounded by two MUSCULAR SLAVE MEN.  One is penetrating her vaginally from the front the other anally from the rear.

CAPTION: Our harsh training regimen produces dividends.

A view of many naked girls, sleeping (or lovemaking) side by side.  The panel should have a “moonlit” quality.

CAPTION: At night we trainees all sleep together.  We are encouraged to explore each other.

CAPTION: “It will enhance your sensuality,” one of our trainers tells us.

Close-up of Taylor in a deep kiss with an African girl.

CAPTION: Does it ever.


Okay, Taylor’s at least two of Taylor’s training exercises here involve a fairly blatant steal, but I can say in my defense that they have an excellent porny pedigree, to with the Hong Kong over-the-top erotic feature Sex and Zen, which pretty much defies easy description (but a hint:  it includes an “amazing transplant” far more amazing than that which happened in The Amazing Transplant — watch it now, now d’ya hear?).  It also features buxom ultra-starlet Amy Yip, who late in the movie finds herself in a brothel undergoing training rather like Taylor’s.

Though she can actually write better using her…well, a picture is worth a thousand hanzi.

And of course she does this while undergoing her swallowing exercise.

Like I wrote, see it now.