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Script for today:

Page 25

A long view of an immense Moorish ballroom.  A line of girls in harem-girl costumes is filing in from one side.  At one end of the ballroom is a stage, on which a small Middle-Eastern orchestra is sitting.

CAPTION: After a few weeks of being stretched and penetrated in ways I didn’t imagine could happen, we trainee girls get a run at our first orgy.

A view of ranks of girls in harem costumes, reclining on cushions, sofas, divas, etc. among men wearing comfortable robes.  Serving boys move among the crowd carrying trays of delicacies and little drinks.  Taylor can be seen somewhere in the panel, craning her neck and looking around.

CAPTION: I look around as much as I can.  No sign of Marie.  Or of that Bridget O’Brian character.  I don’t have much time before the evening’s entertainment starts.


Page 26

A spotlight on a curtain on stage.

CAPTION: Too late.  The entertainment begins.

The CATGIRL emerges from behind the curtain, to the sound of music playing (SFX: swirling music).  She is heavily veiled at first, so we can’t see that she’s a catgirl.  Her face is also veiled, and she is wearing a headscarf as well, covering much of her hair.

CAPTION: A dancer.  Bet she’ll be stripping off those and..

A rear view of the Catgirl. She’s turned around and is shimmying (indicate with motion lines) and her tail is swishing back and forth (also indicate with motion lines).

CAPTION: Now that’s sure different.  I wonder how….

The Catgirl dances on stage.  She has stripped away a few of her veils, but her face is still veiled, and she is wearing a bejewelled top.

CAPTION: …they make that tail work.  Prosethesis?  Animatronics?

Reverse view of the Catgirl again.  She is removing her top.

CAPTION: What ever it is it’s mesmerizing to watch.

Front view of the Catgirl, still dancing.  Her top is off, and she has now removed the headscarf and is holding it away from herself, about to drop it.  She has revealed that one the sides of her head she has cat-ears.  The ears are twitching (indicate with motion lines).

CAPTION: What am amazing effect!  I wonder…

Another view of the catgirl dancing.  She has stripped over everything but her facial veil.

CAPTION: Wow.  That’s…

View of the Catgirl dancing. She is on her knees, her back arched, moving furiously.  One hand has recahed up to tear off her facial veil.

Close up on the Catgirl’s face.  Her features are clearly feline rather than human.


Page 27

The Catgirl stands on the stage, head back, arms apart, facing the audience, receiving their adulation


Close up on Taylor’s face, which is dimly lit, as if by candlelight.  She is wearing a look of amazement.

View of the crowd in the room.  An orgy is beginning.

CAPTION: That really got everyone in the mood.  I personally am wet inside and out.

View from above.  Taylor is spread out on a divan, her legs wide apart.  One man is fucking her.  Her head is tilted back, her throat exposed.  She is felating another man who is kneeling at her head.  The fellatee evidently has a large cock.

CAPTION: Which is fortunate, because I have work to do.

Close-up view of Taylor’s face.  Her eyes are closed as she continues the act of fellatio.

Same as previous panel, except that now Taylor’s eyes are wide open, and she is evidently looking at something.

CAPTION: And then something disturbing catches my eye…


I guess I’m trying to hit every trope or, if you wish to be unkind, every cliché I can here.  And know what’s coming up in the script, so it’s only fair to warn you that it gets worse before it gets better.

The catgirl is an obvious example.

(She’s a catgirl.  And she has one of the cute little French maid costumes.  Found as one of the supporting illustrations at the WikiFur (yes WikiFur) article on catgirls.)

So I plead guilty.  But I have a good reason for going where I’ve gone, even above the obvious point that making a catgirl seems like a freakin’ excellent mad science project.  Because back when I was young (but not too young to haunt the “adult” section of my local comic book store without getting thrown out) the title I would look for more eagerly than any other was Omaha the Cat Dancer.

(She’s a catgirl.  And she’s an exotic dancer.  And she’s a mermaid, on this cover anyway.  And she’s got some kind of bubble thing.  Folks, we have gone beyond ordinary Fetish Fuel here and now have a Fetish Fuel Station Attendant.)

The curious thing is that Omaha was a voluptuous young woman (or cat-woman, if you like) who made her living taking her clothes off in front of audiences.  She had a fairly complicated social life amidst a group of other young adult to not-that-middle-aged characters who also had complicated social lives.  The results of those social lives — a lot of enthusiastic sexual coupling, among other things — are depicted with great artistic candor and skill.  But leafing back through her adventures today, I feel struck mostly at how wholesome and straightforward they all seem compared with the squicky stuff that runs through my head today and out onto the blogpage today, some two decades later.  A measure of who life corrupts or, if you prefer, seasons one.

It’s cause fro reflection, anyway.

And perhaps I should note, catgirls have another use, a response to those who criticize how bizarre and ad hoc my mad science gets.

(Found illustrating the hilarious Uncyclopedia article on catgirls.)  Reflect on that, dear critics!