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Script for today:

Page 28

A panel, just silhouetted human bodies in a haze.

CAPTION: Smokable drugs are being handed around, so I can’t really make anything out in the haze.

Taylor stumbles forward in a tangle of bodies, holding up a hand to fend off the offer of a hookah from anther girl.

CAPTION: Even after I manage to…detach myself it’s hard to work my way over.

Taylor’s face, with a look of shock.

CAPTION: When I finally get over to what I think I saw, it s worse than I could imagine.

Panel depicting DONNA (the same character as in the Study Abroad script) lying on her back.  Her eyes are closed, her back slightly arched.  And she is now a quadruple amputee.  There are passed-out naked men around her.

DONNA: Ohh….


Page 29

Taylor, holding Donna upright.

TAYLOR: My God, are you alright?

DONNA: Wha…is it time to go now?

Close-up on Donna’s face.  Her eyes are half-closed, and she is smiling sleepily.

DONNA: I feel…fine…

Close-up on Donna’s lower half, showing the stumps where he legs used to be clearly.

TAYLOR (out-of-panel balloon): But what have they done to me?

DONNA (out-of-panel balloon): What they did to me?  You don’t understand, pretty girl…

View of another part of the room.  The Catgirl has mounted a man sitting on a chair on the stage (we can’t see much of him) and is fucking him.

CAPTION: I asked them to do this.

View of a gloved hand holding up a scalpel, which light glints off of.

CAPTION: And Dr. Abdullah obligingly did.  He’s a genius.

Profile view of Taylor and Donna looking at each other.  Donna is smiling, shyly.  Taylor looks horrified.

CAPTION: Okay Taylor.  Don’t freak out.  Think.  She speaks English with a midwestern American accent.  Maybe you just got lucky


Page 30

Extreme close-up of Taylor’s lips near Donna’s ear.

TAYLOR (faint-lettered balloon indicating whispering): …Gnosis College…Bridget O’Brian…

Head-and-chest view of Donna.  She is looking away slightly.

DONNA: One thing that I miss about being…the way that I am…is that I can’t touch myself, even when I really want to.  Touch me…

Close-up on Donna’s lower abdomen.  Taylor’s hand is now stroking Donna’s clitoris.

DONNA (out-of-panel ballloon): Like that…oh yes..oh…keep touching me…kiss me…

View of Taylor and Donna, their mouths beginning to come together in a kiss.

CAPTION: Lucky for both of us I happen to like kissing girls.

DONNA: …and I shall tell tales like Scheherazade.

View of the Catgirl, who is now curled up asleep on the stage.

CAPTION: Look at her.  Amazing, isn’t she?

Close-up on the Catgirl’s face.  A motion line inicates an ear twitching in her sleep.

CAPTION: I played at being a petgirl for a while, but the transformation was…a little too radical…so I opted for this instead.


Eat your heart out Gamera, ‘cuz now I’m doing one of your things.

And weird and disturbing as it is, I’m inclined to go there.  It’s a real fetish, one that people do take time and trouble over.

(Found at freakyjapan.)

You might be about to find the contents of Donna’s head to be a little more disturbing than the condition of her body.  Stay tuned.