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Script for today:

Page 31

Taylor crouching forward, about to take one of Donna’s nipples in her mouth.

TAYLOR: But why…how…

DONNA: Pleasure first, stories after.

Close up on Taylor sucking hard on Donna’s nipple.

TAYLOR: That’s a fair trade, I guess.  I tell her my name is Taylor and set to work, trying to ignore…

DONNA: Oh, Taylor…yes…

Taylor and Donna lying curled together on the floor.

CAPTION: She holds up her end of the bargain.  She tells me her name is Donna.

DONNA: For me, this is running away to join the circus.

Puffy-bordered panel indicating a memory.  A MATRONLY WOMAN with a kindly expression is standing in front of a classroom, teaching Sunday school.

CAPTION: Puffy-bordered panel indicating a memory.  A MATRONLY WOMAN with a kindly expression is standing in front of a classroom, teaching Sunday school.

MATRONLY WOMAN: So those who accept Jesus will spend all eternity together in heaven, praising God.

A puffy panel, a close up on the Matronly Woman’s face, which has now taken on a stern expression.

MATRONLY WOMAN: Whereas those who reject Jesus, no matter how well they behave, will have an eternity of torment in hell.

Puffy panel, showing a little girl version of Donna in tears. A pair of adult hands can be seen at the edge of the panel, holding a belt.

CAPTION: My parents did not believe in sparing the rod.


Page 32

Puffy panel.  Little Girl Donna playing dolls with another little girl who resembles her.

CAPTION: Not that it was an entirely unhappy family.  I had a little sister whom I adored.  Her name was Emily.  She was the sweetest little girl ever.

A group of teenagers in standard-issue T-shirts, including a teenage version of Donna, sitting around a campfire, singing.

CAPTION: In the summers I was sent off to Bible Camp.

Close up on YOUTH PASTOR CLINT, a strkingly handsome young man, strummign a guitar and singing, his face lit up by firelight.

CAPTION: Every girl there had a huge crush on this really handsome Youth Pastor, named Clint.

View of teenage Donna knocking on the door of a rustic cabin.

CAPTION:Imagine how thrilled I was when, at the age of fourteen, Pastor Clint invited me to his cabin for “special religious instruction.”

View of the cabin only.  No human figures are in sight.

CAPTION: “Let me fill you with Jesus’s love,” he told me.

CAPTION: He also told me I would go to hell if I ever told anyone.

View of Donna, in a sweater and skirt, holding a set of textbooks close to her with a cupola of a college campus building in the background.

CAPTION: Still, I kept it together.  I got into college.  Euphoric State.


Page 33

DONNA’S FATHER having just opened the door to a bedroom at night.  He is silhouetted against the light behind him.  His face wears an outraged expression.

CAPTION: While I was away at college my father caught Emily masturbating in her bedroom.

Teenaged Emily, wearing a nightgown, kneeling on her bed.  The bedroom walls are covered with “Christian Rock” posters, and there are stuffed animals and dolls about.  She is wearing an angry, defiant expression.  The belt is held in her father’s hands, which are also in the panel.

CAPTION: Which made Baby Jesus cry, of course. In our family, Baby Jesus had an avenger.

View of Donna’s father, lying on his back in the doorway to Emily’s room, looking stunned.  Emily’s hand is in the panel, holding his belt.

CAPTION: Emily decided not to take it lying down.

View of Emily, putting on a coat and leaving a house, viewed from within the house.  A hand is seen in the panel, pointing out.

CAPTION: Emily and our parents screamed at each other for hours.  Then Emily left.

Donna in a dorm room, holding a phone, looking shocked.

CAPTION: We didn’t hear anything for months.  Then I got a call from Chicago.

Donna standing in an autopsy room.  A MEDICAL EXAMINER is holding back a sheet, showing a body on a gurney.  Donna stands behind the gurney, her head buried in her hands.

CAPTION: My parents wouldn’t even come to identify her.  “That little whore was already dead to us,” my father told me.


I regret that I can’t think of a sexy image to go with Donna’s depressing backstory (I’ll admit I’m pulling out perhaps-overfamiliar tropes), so I’ll offer something more appropriate thereto instead.

Vincent van Gogh (1853 -1890), Woman with a Mourning Shawl.  Found here, original in the Van Gogh Musuem, Amsterdam.