Tartarus XII

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Script for today:

Page 34

Close-up view of a scrawny bare arm protruding under a sheet.  Needle tracks are visible.

CAPTION: Emily’s body told the story of her last months.

View of a small chapel.  A simple casket sits at the front. A preacher is giving a sermon at a lectern, while Donna sits in front and a few other people are scattered in the pews.

CAPTION: I used the savings from a summer job to make sure that at least Emily wouldn’t end up in a pauper’s grave.

Close up view of Donna in a pew.  She has her hands buried in her face again.

CAPTION: I cried gallons that day.  But I haven’t shed a tear since.

Donna handing a ticket to a GATE AGENT about to board an airplane.

CAPTION: I dropped out of college.  I dropped out of my parents’ world entirely.

View of Donna pulling off her shirt sitting next to Bridget O’Brien (a scene from Study Abroad) who is looking at her, amazed.

CAPTION: Frau Kupler has a long reach.  She forwarded me the airfare

Close up on one of Donna’s amputation stumps.

TAYLOR (out-of-panel balloon): But why…?


Page 35

View of Donna, being led on all fours on a leash by her “owner” (a scene from Study Abroad).

CAPTION: I threw myself into my work with zeal.

Frau Kupler sits next to Donna (who is now very nicely attired) on a sofa in Frau Kupler’s office.  Kuper is handing Donna a drink.

CAPTION: To the point where Frau Kupler took me aside and suggested that I accept a more radical form of service.

Close-up of Donna looking at something that resembles a coffee table book.  She is pointing at something.  Frau Kupler looks over her shoulder, approvingly.

CAPTION: I threw myself into that as well.

Donna sits, wearing a hospital gown on the side of an examination table in what looks like an ordinary doctor’s examination room.  She is sticking out her tongue.  DR. ABDULLAH is holding it down with a tongue depressor and looking in her mouth with a pocket flashlight.

CAPTION: Frau Kupler employes a scientist, a physician and a genius, named Dr. Abdullah.  He does the most amazing things with surgery, drugs, genetics…

View of Donna lying naked on an operating table.  She is surrounded by Dr. Abdullah and a surgical team, all in surgical garb, and is wearing an anestheisa mask.

CAPTION: His skill made me what I am today.

Donna lying on a bed, in what looks like an ordinary hospital room, her body covered with a surgical gown. (The hospital room is a nice one – there are even flowers on a nightstand next to her.)  She has bandages where she now has stumps.

CAPTION: What I chose to become.


Page 36

Close-up on Taylor and Donna’s faces.

TAYLOR: But it must be…

DONNA: No, it’s great.

Close up on the face of a South Asian-looking man, who’s kissing one of Donna’s leg stumps.

CAPTION: There are a lot of amputation fetishists out there.

CAPTION: Many are fascinated by my stumps, of course.

View of a European man spooning food into Donna’s mouth.  Donna is wearing an elegant gown.

CAPTION: But there are many others who are just completely sucked in by having a completely helpless woman.

Donna sitting in a tub, naked, soapy. The same European man as in the previous panel is bathing her, sleeves rolled up.

CAPTION: They are obsessed with the idea of caring for me.  They’re so tender, attentive, gentle.

Donna, now naked and lying on her stomach.  Her head is up, showing orgasmic facial expressions as the European man fucks her energetically from behind.

CAPTION: And yet all the while they radiate desire for me.  It makes the sex really hot…

Donna, in an elegant gown again, propped up among pillows on a couch.  Champagne flutes are being raised in the front (or sides) of the panel.

CAPTION: And unlike most second level girls, I get taken out a lot.  After all, it’s not like I’m going to run away…


The operation undergone by Donna was partly inspired by this image, which is pure mad science and which probably should have gone on squick or squee week, except that I was saving it for now.

Provenance is unclear, but I found it at Janitor of Lunacy.