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Script for today:

Page 4

Taylor standing up, fingers to face, as she has just spilled a drink.  Her expression says "oh, clumsy me!"

CAPTION: Sometimes natural clumsiness can be played to your advantage.

Taylor leaning forward, mopping up the spilled drink.  She’s is putting her cleavage perilously close to one businessman’s face.

CAPTION: In the interests of supporting local morality, the club has a strict "no-touch" policy.

CAPTION: Which I blatantly encourage a violation of.

A close-up view of the businessman’s hand, reaching under Taylor’s skirt, copping a feel.

CAPTION: I pretend just a little too loudly to enjoy.

TAYLOR (out-of-panel balloon): Oh…I think I like…

View of the businessman being manhandled away from the club by two burly goon types.  Taylor can be seen in the panel, her face buried in her hands.

CAPTION: Don’t feel sorry for this guy.  He’s a confederate.  Really.

Page 5

Close-up view of a small, dark man at another table.  He’s pretending to read a menu, but is actually surreptitiously glancing up over it.

CAPTION: With a little luck, word will get out…

The Matronly Woman is yelling at Taylor, who holds her hands out in a pleading expression.   They are standing in the dormitory.  Some other girls in the background are looking on, concerned.

CAPTION: I am denounced as the worst kind of hussy by my employer.

The Matronly Woman has seized Taylor’s French maid outfit and is tearing it off her.


CAPTION: I am stripped of my uniform..

Taylor, back in travel clothes, walking along the side of a road, carrying a heavy-looking bag over her shoulder.  Cars are whizzing past.  A hot sun is depicted overhead.

CAPTION: Just a disgraced foreign girl, now jobless, walking back to the airport.  Won’t somebody offer her a ride?

Taylor standing by the roadside, A large white stretch limo has pulled up beside her.  A door has opened to offer her a ride.

CAPTION: Why, it looks like some nice person will

Taylor legs are the only things visible as she gets inside the limo.

CAPTION: Though you know what they say about accepting rides from strangers…

Page 6

Taylor and FRAU KUPLER sit facing one another in the back seat of the limo.  Kupler is holding out a bottle of water for Taylor.

CAPTION: If this is who I hope it is, then word gets around fast in Munai.

KUPLER: Here, take this.  You must be parched, you poor girl.  My name is Gutrune Kupler.

TAYLOR: Thank you, Ma’am.  My name is Taylor.

Close up on Taylor’s face.  She is looking wide-eyed, while drinking thirstily.


KUPLER: Why on earth were you walking out in the hot sun like that?  It’s not good for your lovely skin, you must know.

Close-up on Taylor looking through the glass, looking ashamed.

CAPTION: Frau Kupler looks like someone’s sweet maiden aunt, not like the head of a white-slave syndicate.

TAYLOR: Well I guess I’m down on my luck a little, Ma’am.  I came here to Munai to work but I sort of…lost my job and my money and I was on my way back to the airport…

View of Kupler in the back of the limo.  She is looking directly at us with an expression of sympathy and concern.

CAPTION: And I tell her my sorry story.

Side view of Kupler and Taylor in the back of the limo.  Kupler is leaning forward, intently.  Taylor is leaning back, her shoulders scrunched up a bit, looking bashful.

KUPLER: And how did it feel when that man…fondled you?

TAYLOR: Welll…like…I didn’t really mind.  He was actually kinda hot…and I like attention.

View of Kupler, who is looking down into and reaching into a handbag for something.

KUPLER: Clearly your ex-employer doesn’t know what he lost.  Well, anyway, I would be happy to have my driver take you to the airport, or, I might have an little proposition of my own for you, if you’re interested…

With respect to the “little French maid” costume, one has to wonder: is there any other fetish with wider circulation?

Didn’t really think so. Image found at myfatpocket.