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Script for today:

Page 7

Kupler and Taylor in Kupler’s well-appointed office, the same seen in Study Abroad.  Kupler is holding up a little transmitter, one of the same sort given to Bridget O’Brien to wear.

CAPTION: Well naturally I’m interested.

CAPTION: I actually know much of what to expect.  Jill Keeney briefed me based on her friend Bridget’s experiences.

KUPLER: Your safephrase will be “Clear Acid Smoke.”  Feel free to try it out…

Taylor standing up at a conference table, taking off her shirt and putting it into a box. ANOTHER GIRL. who wears a look of shock and disgust on her face, is being escorted out by a GUARD.

CAPTION: In spite of the fact that I know much of the script, I do my best to act the part a half-slut, half-ingenue.

CAPTION: Who says fantasy role-playing games don’t prepare you for life?

(Note: This panel should occupy the bottom two-thirds of the page.)

A panoramic view of an auction room.  Taylor is standing naked on a stage, her arms bound above her head with a rope hanging from a pulley above (the pulley might out of sight).  On on side of the panel, a group of men of various ethnicities and dressed in various ways (but all apparently rich) are enthusiastically making bids).  Just behind Taylor, the auctioneer.  On the other side of panel, a line of naked, attractive young people, mostly female but some male, waiting their turn to be auctioned off as “slaves.”

CAPTION: I wondered about about how I’d feel about this bit…

CAPTION: And you know, it actually is kinda hot standing naked in front of a bunch of men who are yelling and waving and panting at the thought of having you.

Page 8

Taylor is being led out of the auction hall on a chain attached to a collar on her neck by JACQUES MORRELET (the same character as in Study Abroad).  She is still naked, and her hands and shackled behind her back.

CAPTION: I am now the temporary sex slave of a rather strange Frenchman named Jacques.  Go me!

Morrelet and Taylor, standing in the corner of a palatial room in a luxury hotel.

CAPTION: I am taken to a gilded cage.  And instructed that I am never to wear any clothes ever except with explicit permission.

View as if from directly above.  Taylor is bent over on her knees, her face buried in a pillow which she is clutching.  Jacques is behind her, naked, and penetrating her anally.

CAPTION: Shortly thereafter I am introduced to the joys of buggery.

CAPTION: It really hurts the first time.

Close up on Taylor’s face, which is resting on the pillow she was clutching in the previous panel.  Her face is contorted with pain, and she is biting her lips.

CAPTION: I love you, Marie.

Taylor is standing up in something resembling a luxurious shower-bath.  Her feet are far apart, her legs straight.  She is looking backward over one shoulder.  She is bent forward at the waist, with one hand holding onto something resembling a safety bar.  Jacques, is standing behind her, wearing a silken robe with his penis prtruding therefrom.  Taylor is guiding his penis into her anus with her free hand.

CAPTION: But after a while it becomes more comfortable.

Taylor and Jacques are on a large, luxuious bed.  Taylor is straddling Jacques reverse-cowgirl style, being penetrated anally by him.

CAPTION: And after a while more...

Page 9

Close up on Taylor’s face and shoulders.  She is wearing an orgasmic expression.

TAYLOR (dramatically lettered balloon): Oh God…Oh God…Oh GOOOODDDD….

Taylor standing in front of a floor-to-ceiling plate glass window (still naked) looking out at a sunset.

CAPTION: Jacques never talks about what he does, or why he’s here.  He disappears for long periods.

Taylor sitting on a cushion, cross-legged in front of a low table.  Before here there is a large tray with lots of little snacks on it.

CAPTION: I’m in some kind of hotel.  The silent, hyper-efficient staff keep me supplied with all necessities and non-necessities.

Jacques is holding out some sort of folded clothes to Taylor, who is eying them curiously..

CAPTION: After a few weeks, Jacques gives me the order to wear clothes for the first time.

Taylor, standing wearing a head-to-toe burka.

CAPTION: Very sexy, Jacques.

Jacques and Taylor (in her burka) are walking down a hotel corridor, followed by two beefy men in suits and sunglasses with earpiece radios.

CAPTION: Looks like I finally get to go out.

Taylor’s recapitulation of Bridget’s experiences provides an opportunity to put up more slave-auction art.  I’ve generally gone with classical illustrations in the past (it was a favorite subject of orientalist painters, I wonder why), but it has also been an anime subject as well (I don’t wonder why):

Attributed by Google to slapadoodle.net.  If you’re still interested in the more traditional Orientalist approach, have a look at this:

Found in this intriguing gallery of Orientalist erotic art.

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  1. I don’t have a link for you but I’m pretty sure the standing slave girl art was drawn by John Willie and published in his Bizarre magazine. I’m going by my memory of having perused in some detail the Taschen two-volume reprint of the magazines, and I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s where I’ve seen that art before.

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