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Script for today:

Page 10

Panoramic view of a large room.  On one side are gathered a number of naked young men and women, attended by a few GUARDS who are massively-built men wearing loincloths.  One of the arrivals is Taylor, who is having her burka pulled off by one of the guards.  From where these people are standing, there is a slide down into a sot of large tank.  The scene is brilliantly lit.

CAPTION: When we get to where we are going I am undressed again.

Close up (but full body) view of a NAKED GIRL being placed onto the slide two attendants and pushed downward.  She is wearing a surprised expression.

CAPTION: Guess this that orgiastic behavior I was promised.

A dimly-lit room, which is located beneath the chamber depicted in the first two panels of this page.  We see a large (about 10 meters across) transparent bubble protruding downward from the ceiling, and the Naked Girl from preceeding panel sliding into the bottom of the bubble.  Around the bubble, looking into it, are various elegantly suited and gowned persons, who have looks of eager anticipation on their faces.  one of them is Jacques.

CAPTION: The sort of live entertainment vast amounts of money make possible.


Page 11

View of a NAKED YOUNG MAN now going down the slide.  He is grinning broadly and fully erect.

CAPTION: Some people seem pretty happy to be here.

The Naked Young Man and the Naked Girl collided together, a tangle of limbs.  The Naked Girl is covered in oil, her hair matted down, her skin glistening.

CAPTION: It isn’t hard to guess what’s intended to be happening down in that tank.

View of a a NAKED CHINESE GIRL being manhandled toward the top of the slide by two Guards.  She is clearly struggling with them.

CAPTION: At least one of us is not happy to be here.

Close up on the Naked Chinese Girl’s face as she slides down headfirst.  She is wearing an expression of fear and distress.


Close up view of Taylor’s face, which is darkened, concerned.

CAPTION: I do not want to see things like that at all.

View of Taylor, sliding down, feet first, wearing a slightly forced-looking expression of gaiety.

CAPTION: But I’m on a mission here, so I need to make it look good,.



Page 12

Jumble of naked people parts.

CAPTION: They spray additional oil on us as we arrive.

A second jumble of naked people parts.

CAPTION: We’re a seething mass of groping and sex.

A third jumble of naked people parts.

CAPTION: I’m not even sure where I begin or end.

View of the bowel from the dimly-lit room below, with tiny figures standing around it, looking up.

View of Jacques, holding a flute of champagne, looking up, his face bathed in the glow of light from the bowel above.

Jumble of naked people parts, except that we can see Taylor’s face in it somewhere.

CAPTION: I work my way through to the Chinese girl.

Faces of Taylor and the Naked Chinese Girl, surrounded by the jumble of orgiasts.  The Chinese girl is clearly crying.

CAPTION: I get my arms around her somehow. and whisper to her not to cry.

A fourth jumble of naked people parts.

CAPTION: Somehow someone slips his cock into my under-used pussy.  I just acquiesce.

Faces of Taylor and the Chinese girl again.  She has calmed down slightly.

CAPTION: After all, I’m on a mission here.


The image of a writhing mass of lubricated bodies orgiastically entwined seems like a very obvious fantasy, but it’s tricky to find good illustrations. although this one by artist Arthur de Pins seems relatively clear on the concept:

Found at the blog Sex is a Red-Blooded Thing.