Tartarus I

Niceman's Ashley transformation art
Tartarus II

Beginning today, a new run of scripts that continue to follow Taylor Chase’s dubious adventures as ve hopes to to redeem Marie from…whatever it is that she’s been abducted into. Taylor’s going into the darkness here, so wish her luck.

This chapter is going to be longer than others, so I’m breaking it into sections. The current section is scheduled to run for fifteen posts, and more will follow later.

Page 1

TAYLOR CHASE is sitting by in  window seat of the coach section of an airplane.  She is wearing a khaki men’s shirt and blue jeans, and staring out the window.

CAPTION: I’ve never traveled outside the United States before, even as a tourist.

Taylor amidst other passengers, standing up in a plane that has just landed.  The passengers are a very mixed lot ethnically.  She is getting a bag out of an overhead compartment, being jostled by other people who are doing the same thing.

CAPTION: Much less as someone on what might be a suicide mission.

Taylor standing at a passport control gate.  A young woman in a headscarf is holding up a U.S. Passport and comparing the picture on it with Taylor.  She has a skeptical look on her face.

CAPTION: For a moment I begin to feat that the papers Iris Brockman’s org provided me with might not be good enough.

Close up view of a page in Taylor’s passport.  A rubber stamp has just been lifted, showing a visa stamp on the page below.  There is a variety of Arabic writing as well as a date 6.6.11 and a legend:  EMIRATE OF MUNAI TEMPORARY GUEST WORK VISA.

CAPTION:But they are.

Page 2

This is the title page.  It is a sort of Hellscape, with jagged rocks everywhere.  In one part of the panel a nude young woman seen from behind (as much like Taylor as possible) is diving off a cliff into the depths.  In th depths, we can see the figures of other other naked women, writhing amidst flames.  The splash title reads  TARTARUS.

CAPTION: And so I can dive right in.

Page 3

Taylor sitting in the back of a small taxi, her eyes closed. 

CAPTION: Jet lag’s a bitch, but I’ll just have to deal.

Taylor with a bag over her shoulder, standing next to a matronly woman in some sort of dormitory — a room with bunk beds.  The woman is pointing out one of the beds as Taylor’s.

CAPTION: Iris’s org has set me up with a job here in Munai.

Taylor is standing in front of a locker.  She is wearing a towel (with another one wrapped around her head) as if she has just come out of a shower.  She is holding up some sort of an outfit, a skimpy "French maid" sort of thing, eying it skeptically.

CAPTION: The wearing of a skimpy outfit is a must with this job.

Taylor standing at a sink with a mirror in front of it, wearing her skimpy French maid costume.  She’s leaning forward, applying makeup in the mirror.  We see her from behind, and from her position her rump and legs are shown off to good effect.

CAPTION: I hope I don’t blush too much in this.

Taylor is setting a tray full of drinks down on a table in some sort of richly appointed clubroom.  She is leaning forward, exposing a generous amount of cleavage to a few admiring, middle-aged men in suits sitting around the table.

CAPTION: My "wonderful job opportunity" is as a foreign waitress in a club for rich local businessmen.

Close up on Taylor’s cleavage.

CAPTION: Fortunately the emphasis here is more on being eye candy than having waitressing skills.

The inspiration for the splash page here is appropriately cheesy:

Title art from a 1965 movie from weirdo filmmaker Doris Wishman, a movie that has the distinction of being one of the first “roughies.” I confess that even though it has a great exploitation title and though we’ve seen work by Wishman reviewed before here at Erotic Mad Science, I haven’t actually seen more of this than is included on Something Weird Video’s “Extra Weird Sampler.” Someday, perhaps.