Happy Thanksgiving!

Fueling up?
Metropolis-inspired art

Well, now in the United States we have reached the annual Thanksgiving holiday.  A time to get together and feast.

The original significance of Thanksgiving seems to be religious in nature — giving thanks to God for the good stuff in our lives.  (Should people who are having wretched lives stage some sort of anti-Thanksgiving?  Discuss.)

Now for reasons that longtime readers of Erotic Mad Science will have figured out, I can’t really cotton to anything other than a secular Thanksgiving.  Let it not be said that Faustus is an ungrateful fellow.  There are many people to whom I’d like to give thanks in this context:

  • To the many friends who have given me support and encouragement in starting up this project, most especially Bacchus at ErosBlog, who has been a constant source of support and good advice;
  • To my commenters and correspondents here, who have been a source of both friendship and learning;
  • To the artists who have graciously accepted my commissions and applied their talents to building what we have here;
  • To all the many, many people who have pioneered making their own on the Internet, and who are a source of both encouragement and joy to me;
  • To all the engineers and programmers who created this vast system of communications which enables so many communities of erotic interest.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy your turkey!

What, you mean it’s not that kind of turkey?  Ah, crumb.  I need to work harder to learn the concept…