Woman in the rings

Deep contact
Hot anime scientist

Much as I encourage you all to peruse the gallery yourselves, I cannot resist posting one more image from the Silverghost pulps:

The gallery labels this “Dr. Ornowski” but unfortunately that doesn’t help me much with provenance.  What does make this intriguing is that it’s another example of the long cultural reach of Metropolis: a woman stands in the middle of rings of mad-science energy undergoing…some kind of tranformation.  The header illustration to Erotic Mad Science is only a very recent example of this visual trope,  though since the one featured here is mid-century pulp art our lovely lady is a bit more modestly clad than Hugo Araújo‘s.

I (and you) should take this illustration as a “write your own story” opportunity.  Is it teletransportationInvisibilityHuman transmutation?  The opportunities are endless…