Girl outside the tube II

Girl outside the tube I
Asian Dyna and the New Prometheus

Here is an advertising poster for what I believe was a dance performance.

It was in 2005 as part of something called “The Moral Values Festival,” and while the post is mad-science-y enough to merit a mention here, the description of the play makes it even  more so.

This is High School, USA: tough classes, changing bodies, complicated relationships… Teenage life is hard enough without mad-scientist guidance counselors and twisted brain-switching experiments!  Chock full of Fifties music, slapstick ballet and raging hormones, “The Perfect Girl” is the latest installment in the acclaimed Bizarre Science Fantasy dance-theatre series.

Brain-switching experiments and raging hormones?  Well, I’d have bought a ticket.

I was a little curious about the image provenance and a little nosing about provided what I think was one of the sources, from the ever -helpful .


Piercing the unknown?  I’d buy a ticket to that, too.  As for the use of the poster?  More evidence, as if any were ever really needed, that everything really is a remix.

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  1. I am reminded of one of my favorite lines from Forbidden Planet: “8000 cubic miles of Klystron relays, enough power for a population full of creative geniuses, all operated by remote control!” Hmmm…. sounds like the Internety!

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